Tom Bradshaw

Just seen on Bescot Banter that Tom Bradshaw is being transferred to Millwall for £1M. Is there a sell on ?

I’m sure someone mentioned before that it is a percentage of the profit which they make. I’m sure someone on here can clarify that.

Undisclosed :wink:

Can’t see where Barnsley would want to have Bradshaw transferred.
He is still knocking them in on a regular basis, is liked by the Barnsley faithful and will probably be back in the Championship with Sunderland at the first attempt (which is becoming a bit too regular an event for my liking)
Seems a daft idea to me.(but they are a strange club afterall).

Wouldn’t get too excited, it’s a loan with the transfer only going through in Jan, and undoubtedly in instalments.

Surprised Barnsley letting him go.

Him and Kieffer Moore upfront would you think guarentee automatic promotion especially as they won 4-0 the other night.

Suppose it weakens a promotion rival.:wink:

You can bet that Bradshaw himself has made it impossible for them not to let him go, just like he did for us.
I heard Gordon Strachan on Talk Sport saying what it was like to have a want away player in the dressing room. He said it affects the whole team. They’re always on the phone to their agent. They’re disruptive in training. Their whole attitude changes. They’re constantly coming to your office asking why you’re not letting them improve their careers, asking if this team or that team has contacted you.
It only takes one like this in the dressing room to poison a team.


Firstly , I dont doubt Tom Bradshaw’s ability obviously. But since the rumblings began that he was to move from Barnsley (last January window) he has scored two goals in 22 appearances. For me, and others might find this harsh, like many of the Smith team, he has form when it comes to going missing in action when it comes to getting his team over the line when a move is on the agenda.

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Fairy snuff, but I’ll go with the ‘weakening of a promotion contender theme’

Go Saddlers…

Transfer window shut?

Loans are allowed till the end of August, a big loophole around the transfer window closing in my view!!

Loan-to-buy deals will go through then. May as well transfer permanently. Nothings changed.

Does the end August deadline also apply to signing free agents?

Don’t think so because they are unattached to a club

A natural finisher imo and served us well however he did put a transfer request in when he wanted out, can’t understand why he hasn’t stuck it out at Barnsley and bagged a hatful of goals as I’m sure he would have done and opted for a bigger move in the next 12 months, Millwall aren’t exactly a club I’d call big.

As far as I know,they have to be off-contract on deadline day. This would have to be the earlier one, as loans wouldn’t apply to a free agent.

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At the end of Joe Masi’s most recent article on the E&S he finishes by saying the club have received a 5 figure windfall due to Bradshaw’s transfer to Millwall.

I just can’t believe we’re talking about an old player! How dare us!

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Didn’t you know as soon they reach Morrisons by Junction 9 their names should never be mentioned again.
Sacrilegious to even think of it. :no_entry::no_entry::no_entry:

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Theres a difference between discussing an old player and pages upon pages of waffle about a recently departed player across this site and every Walsall page…

People actually celebrating that the lad is getting abuse at Cov. Disgusting, small town, losers mentality :joy::wink:

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