Tom Knowles signs

Check these guys out!

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How was Knowles today when he came on?

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Hard to tell because he came on, then we went down to 10 men so he had to play defensively, so we didnt get to see much of him going forward.

There was one passage of play when he completely skinned the defender, but got fouled after that.

I’d expect him to start on Tuesday.

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Father in law has it it’s shame because he was fine but looking after the mother in law seemed to take its toll and now he is worse than the mother in law. How they keep going is a mystery but it’s very sad to watch it happen


My mum who was a teacher is 92 and was driving ; albeit badly until last Christmas. Now she is a shell of a person who can’t even dress herself now. My dad who is 92 and nearly blind looks after her with a little help from outside.
Unfortunately he’s still tight and won’t pay for the extra help that they really need on top of what we do as family and he can afford it​:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

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Much sympathy. To me it was like watching my mom “disappear”, everything in her character that made her what she was just went.

I know it’s easy to say, but keep on at your dad to get some proper help. A carer can do a lot in only half an hour, my mom would be up, washed and dressed in that time and sitting in her chair having a cup of tea and a slice of toast by the time the carer left.

There are no easy answers with any of this…