Top slightly dodgy football stand names

Here’s one at Crewe:

The Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van Stand.

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Yes and I am taking my 9 year old grandson (who lives near Crewe and is a Man City fan) who is expecting a supply of ice creams all afternoon!!! He has been to the Etihad a few times with his Dad…I think he might find Crewe a little bit of a culture shock!!! At least now he will be with a thousand or so fans getting behind their team.

They used to say it about Man U but ManCity are now the choice of the glory hunter, it would seem.

That will feature in the awayday advisor piece…

To be fair my son -in-law supported City when they were at our level, mind you I do remind him sometimes of the comments he used to make about United then!!!

i don’t go to Crewe anymore. Unfortunately due to health problems I’m unable to stand for 90mins and when seated I would like to be able to see the game instead of young drunks standing on the seats infront of me giving me verbals when I politely ask them if they could sit. I’ll stay at home and watch it on iFollow.

Sorry to hear that you cannot come anymore. I haven’t been to many away games over the past few years myself and I will see how things turn out at Crewe . if its a good experience I may go to some more especially if we can put together a good run.
I hope they don’t stand in front of me although grandson is tall for his age he is also too heavy to lift onto my shoulders…

I just wish that the away stands were divided somehow into the “Ultras” section and those who want to see the game.
I can usually find somewhere to sit at the edges but when it’s a sell out it’s impossible. Just hoping I can get a seat with a view at Northampton.
50 years ago I would have been with the lads singing and jumping around, but at least we had terracing then.
It’s why my season ticket is in the blue rinse stand and not the blue pop :rofl:


That’s why I hate clubs that insist on away fans sitting in the seat on their ticket. It just means all types of fans are mixed together and causes these problems. If you allow fans to sit wherever they like then most regular fans know where the standing/singing and sitting/Werthers Originals groups will congregate and choose accordingly.


This 100%. Singers at the back, people who want to sit at the front. Really simple and solves nearly all of the issues.


I doubt Crewe will sell out. We will be back down to Earth by then on the back of a couple of defeats. :rofl:

Given the original topic of conversation, I was expecting Geordie to have come in by now with tales of the Bell End at Whitley Bay …

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Anyway, I still laugh at the Tony Macaroni Arena.
And that they call it ‘The Spagettihad’.

FC Dallas in the MLS used to play at Pizza Hut Park nicknamed ‘The Oven’ until 2013, now called Toyota Stadium.

Going to Crewe isn’t good for anyone’s health.

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Young boys of Berne play at the Wankdorf stadium thought that was quite a funny one :rofl:

Can anyone recall a Radio 4 comedy from the late 80’s called Lenin of the Rovers? It starred Alexei Sayle and was based upon Britain’s only communist football team Felchester Rovers. Now their kop end was on Kn@b Lane hence the patrons of that terrace being known as…the “Kn@b-Enders”…obviously!
For those of a certain age still worth a listen.