Total ineptitude

Colchester, Scunthorpe and Stevenage have signed 12 new players between them. They may not be the finest quality players, but they are all having a go. Many other clubs in our Division are also signing many players. Whilst we have got rid of two and effectively signed one player on a six month deal. We have had nearly a month to sort this mess out and are fast running out of time.
We do not even have a striker of our own as opposed to most of our rivals who have a choice of 3-4 frontmen. There is something fundamentally wrong with us as we can not seem to attract anyone. For once Walsall lay out some cash and give our long suffering fans some hope.
After following my hometown club for 60 years and being a season ticket holder, travelling 200 mile round trips for home games I am on the verge of not bothering anymore. I never thought it would come to this but for God sake Saddlers give me some hope.


I agree. It’s laughable if we don’t get 3 in for me.

I am staying my blade until the transfer deadline has passed.

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If you take our current “best 11”



Earing (Holden - but we won’t see him again)


2/3 replacements for Ward, winger and a striker. Out of those three clubs which players would you have signed at Walsall? Huws? I have just looked and none of them take my fancy.

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We’ve had longer than that, we’ve got a DOF that’s been busy since July apparently, who as identified targets, don’t know where they are though

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There is a chasm between identifying targets and them putting pen to contract. It’s called our wages structure. No pay no play.

It’s absolutely pathetic. And I don’t believe a word Pomlett says. This is all about cost cutting and slashing budgets

I understand that we are all peeed of by the club at the moment but do we need to keep opening new threads saying the same stuff?


Yes because we are all so frustrated with constantly hearing Bull from the club.


Thought he was a dingle.


Pull the udder one!

They just churn out the same rubbish

We’ve got Fullerton to look forward to , he’ll sort things out this summer I wonder if he’s identified players A, B and C yet .

we are all cheesed off.

How dairy.

Puns about udders, churns, dairy, cheese? Don’t see the relevance to the initial reference to ‘bull’

There’s no pulling the bull over your eyes is there.

re-arranging the deckchairs on the titanic as we sleepwalk into non league

Let’s steer this thread back on track. We all know punsters will derail anything given heifer chance.

I now have 56 unread threads on this site. Worst it has ever been for me.