Toxic Atmosphere


I havent posted on here for a while, but i do try to keep up with the threads that have been posted. On numerous posts i have come across reference to the toxic atmosphere around the club etc currently. Reading the comments, and talking to fellow fans, i must admit that the atmosphere amongst the fan base is the worst i have experienced in the last 40 years. We have always had our bad times - poor teams, managers that were even worse and more than a few relegation’s - but this is the worst environment that i have ever experienced around the team, club, owners and fans.

I dont get to many games now that i have moved to the South West, but for me there appears to have been a change of form/approach from the first half of the season. Things were looking good at the front end of the season - there appeared to be a true underdog spirit, players fighting for every ball, players putting their bodies on the line and a togetherness between the fans and the team. One other post mentioned the deterioration since Russel Martin came in - i can only agree as everything we had up until that point we seemed to loose. For me, the tipping point was Bristol Rovers at home - complete lack of effort, commitment, engagement, tactics the lot - and i dont think that we recovered from that point.

The Bonser situation is killing the club - but i dont see a way forward as there is no one prpared to stump up the £12M to buy him out. At the end of the day he is a businessman - and as long as his part in that business keeps making him money he will not simply walk away. Unfortunately, we have to live with it as there is no alternative.

The current situation for me stems back to the nearly promotion season - when at the end of it apart from losing the manager during the season we lost 9 of the first team 11. No team can recover from that - and a procession of managers have tried to put the ship on an even keel since and failed. In which time we have seen a reduction in the budget available, further sales of our best players and a lack of investment in the club - again a common thread is where the money has gone from the sales of Henry, Bradshaw, Ginnelly.

I had been offered a ticket for tomorrows game - but on the basis of the spineless performance last week at Accrington, i will save the petrol money and save it further destroying my mood for the bank holiday.

I love my club, and i really want us to avoid relegation - but more than anything i want it to become ‘OUR’ club once again.



Brilliant post. Sums it all up.

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I agree good post, says it all.



Agreed …good post although I think the rot started earlier than Bristol Rovers. The Burton game was the start of it for me when we were clearly confused as to how we should be playing. The Martin influence at play…after that DK lost confidence and eventually that fed through to the players.

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For me the start of the rot was Luton away. Leahy gobbing off on WM really did start alarm bells ringing. It was as though he felt DK was incapable of communicating anything worthy and as such felt the need to do it himself.



Agree with the majority of your post apart from this.

Anybody can try and do anything about any given situation, its just how bothered they are or their viewpoint / stance. My opinion is at the moment there is too much apathy and not enough anger, so I choose to vote with my feet. As soon as it boils over - and it will - I will play any part needed to get a positive change.



The rot started when Whittington Industries bought JW Bonser’s gilded bog handle business.

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Sad that you wont make the journey to see your club because of these spineless, gutless embarrassments but as someone who used to live in South Wales and make the trip up, I get you. For now, you’re making the right choice. I’m even gonna struggle to find the effort to make the trip from Pelsall.



We’ve made the trip from MK again today despite having to get 4 different trains for the pleasure and will be the same back. Got season tickets already for next season regardless of where we are. Glutton for punishment I suppose.

But at the end of the day this is Walsall FC, my club, where I was born and I’ll be here regardless. I’m as ■■■■■■ off as most of the supporters but this is in my blood!



We’re here today. Was coming next week but suspect that will be a dead rubber :confused:. Anyway lets hope for a bit of fight. UTS​:red_circle::white_circle::facepunch:t2:

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The M6 was quite kind today.

The fans tried to stay with the team again despite the utter ■■■■■ on display. A few more anti-Bonser/board chants though. It is fermenting for sure. It’ll turn once we’re down but whilst there’s a vestige of hope I think most folk want to try to help the team. And by Christ do this lot need it.



It’s gonna be toxic at Shrewsbury for sure 'cos by then we will be down. Banners anyone?

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Interesting game to pinpoint.

I went and Luton gave the inflexible 4-4-2 a real runaround that day, it could’ve been 4 or 5-0 very easily.

I think DK lost confidence after that and his thinking became more muddled as 4-4-2 was played in pretty much every game to that point and afterwards he started trying 4-3-3/4-5-1 and even a back 3 at home to Coventry.

What we all didn’t realise at the time was Luton weren’t just some middling team as that was the start of their exceptional 25 match unbeaten run that has them all but promoted. I think if Keates had this season from October onwards again he would’ve kept the same formation for a few more weeks as much to show some faith to the players if anything.

I was actually calling for a 4-3-3 just to get Ronan in the team.

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Today means team much more likely to be relegated v Posh than at Wycombe. The board would certainly get off lightly if just 300 or so witness it on Monday, it happens in home game and well there’s the opportunity for everyone to vent their spleen for a good ten minutes at the end of the game to all who deserve it.

As an aside when I went to get Wycombe tickets on Wednesday I couldn’t really believe it when I saw the ad board was stating their was an open training session on the 24th April. The off the field planning has been a total mess this season.

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Seems a bit late in the day to seek the advice of the fans if you ask me.



What is Richard Money doing these days ?



Hopefully something that keeps him far away from here.

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I thought that you were in New Zealand

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Probably still moaning at fans, fit in well here then😂

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Works here too…