Trains for Sutton

Anyone planning to get the train to Sutton on Saturday?

I didn’t think there were any strikes but if I try plan a route on the various train plan websites to West Sutton it just returns an error.

Birmingham to Euston, Euston to Victoria, Victoria to Sutton.

Bought off the Trainline app👍🏻

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Thameslink have engineering work on the route via West Sutton but you can still get to Sutton station and walk/bus/taxi/ski/jive from there.

Get to Euston, then Avanti or LNR to Euston, Victoria line to Victoria then Southern service to Sutton

Edit: forgot to say, if you can get a cheap advance fare to Euston, you can then use contactless for the legs from Euston to Victoria (tube) and Victoria to Sutton (Southern). Might work out cheaper.

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Thankyou @PeeFourTeeFive @Bags10

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Apologies Andy and I don’t mean to derail the thread, but I genuinely misread the title as “Trans for Sutton” and thought, what’s all that about? I think media saturation of the subject must be having more of an effect on me than I realised.

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All aboard the Tyrese Shade Express (after that wonder goal from him a few years ago at the VBS Community Stadium).

Sounds like it isn’t an easy place to go.


Yeah I’m down early will get northern line to Morden and bus from there

Contactless daily cap on TfL is £13.90 between zones 1 & 5 (i.e. Victoria to Sutton) whereas the single journey is £7.70 - plus, due to the cap, there is then no extra cost for the underground legs between Victoria and Euston or Marylebone (much nicer, and usually cheaper, journey from Moor Street than the Virgin sardine tin from New Street). So tap in and out with a contactless card rather than buy tickets - kerching!

Easiest walk from Sutton station to the ground (passing several decent pubs - and a lot more bad ones) is to turn right as you come out of the station entrance, walk down the hill crossing over 2 one-way roads to the pedestrianised High Street, carry on down to the Shinner & Sudtone pub, turn left and take the underpass in the middle of the street, then through the arch in the civic offices/library, turn right across the car park and go down Robin Hood Lane (the Robin Hood pub along here is probably the closest to the ground). Keep going straight on, then just past the viaduct (where our coaches usually park) turn left into a park area and the path leads straight to our end. About 20 minutes altogether (unless you stop at any of the pubs).

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BTW This is the 3rd year we’ve stayed down here for the game, and after each of the previous 2 we’ve run into other Saddlers fans on the train back into the city (them going home, us heading for a night out).

However, to put our fans’ travails in coming down here for this one into perspective, today we met a few Buffalo Bills fans who have flown over just to see them play at the Tottenham Stadium on Sunday!!

Safe journey to everyone heading down today.