Trains to Bescot

I am hoping to come down on Saturday but wondered what people’s experience had been like getting the train from New St to the ground during these strikes? More importantly getting back to New St after the game!

Every half hour atm on Saturdays…

Its all good between Brum and Walsall but have too get off at Walsall and get bus etc for Blocko and cannock etc


Last week the New St to Walsall trains were okay.

I’ve gotta get to Stafford by train after the game so am hoping to catch the 17.05 to Wolvo (goes via New St).

Fingers crossed.

There all good as long as your not going any bigger distance than Walsall and that way!

Brum way etc everything is good

Abysmal. I gave up on the trains this season after 5 or 6 games.

So many cancellations and delays from Brum to Bescot. I was leaving all afternoon allocated for travelling and was still lucky to get there for kick off.

Bescot to Brum afterwards I only saw 1 heafty delay.

Ive lost a considerable sum of money this year (home and away) from buying a complete round ticket, getting to brum, seeing the train cancelled then getting the train back to my parked car and driving to the match. Train companies do not want to know about a refund. It was this arrogence that was part reason I gave up on them.

Anyone that did Crewe or Orient away knows my pain.

Orient was just summat else!

Ive never had that on a train journey before!

The Orient fiasco was not due to the train companies though. Not much they can do when someone chucks themselves on the lines.

We came back from Orient on the Sunday and only 1 train was cancelled … yeah ours. Due to a lack of train staff, which CAN be blamed on the bloody useless West Midlands Trains :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Agreed…I go Blocko for a beer before every home game from Wednesbury… have too get bus because of poor train service!

Gunna be like this till Christmas aswell!

Maybe… but there was also a conductor strike that day, no? Thats what we were told as we were repeatedly thrown off trains at the station after we got on.

Theres always something thats not their fault. Suicide, conductor strike, power failure, signal failure, water on the track, tree on the track, intruder on the track (did you see the backlog at Euston this caused?), higher than expected demand…

One or two I could forgive. But its always something. Its as if they have no planning or foresight because, hey, why should they? Much easier to stick a ‘cancelled’ sign up and get on with your day.

Good point. Another thing to consider when using New Street this time of year is the Christmas Market. Often trains are so full they wont stop at the last few stops on their line. Plus New Street takes much longer to push through so watch your connection times.

Sure i remember that night after Orient, We got stuck on train for 45mins in brum too get cancelled with no one knowing what was going on and New street at bursting point!

They simply didnt have a clue!

You can get refunds. I got a full refund 'from CrossCountry on the last train from Plymouth to Birmingham on August 24 - this was cancelled due to a ‘lack of train crew’. We eventually got back to Brum at 12.30 am on the Sunday, having had to take a bus from Bristol Temple Meads.

They refunded the full price of the off-peak returns we had even though we had, obviously, used the outward part.

The one that replaced London Midland hide behind this ‘act of God’ clause when I try, but its good to know some do thanks.

Thanks for the comments above. Not feeling 100% so may be academic. Will decide in the morning.

There are a lot of factors though that can stop trains running as planned - you can’t just drive around a broken down train like a bus could on a road, so there are always knock on effects of what would seem like relatively small incidents.

I work in train planning, it’s not a simple as saying we’ll run a train every half hour from A to B and it will work as planned every day of the year, unfortunatley. That doesnt mean there arent things that could be improved though!

Having said that, I’m considering the trip down for the game tomorrow and was put off when I saw West Midlands Railway are on strike. Will see tomorrow.

Virgin do an automatic ‘delay repay’ for tickets bought for their trains on their website - but, of course, they’re not fit to run a railway any more.


Compared to the trains around Greater Manchester i would say they are ok.

Not just train companies. I got stuck in Poland with the Icelandic volcano in 2010. We came back by train staying overnight in Berlin & Bruges and then ferry to Hull (annoyingly then had to go and get car from airport). We did it as cheaply as possible which was a good job as our insurance refused to pay up as it was an ‘act of God’. Last time I ever insured with Norwich Union!