Tranmere Friend for a Fiver

International week, offer stands for away fans aswell.

Should be a big crowd :grinning:

did we used to offer these to away fans as well or is this a trivela incentive as I don’t remember us doing it for away fans as well before?

hopefully makes a decent crowd!

I haven’t got any friends that are Tranmere fans :relieved:


I want to keep what few friends I have :joy:


My mates would want more than a fiver tbh


A quite superb offer, hopefully a really good take-up. Surely 6,000+ audience for this one?

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What if you have no friends?

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Bring a family member :grinning:

I have been waiting to pay back that hateful bastard next door, and this would be the perfect way to do it, without seeming to be vengeful :laughing:


Hopefully they’ll be some more deals like this when world cup is on, that’s the chance to get some really good crowds in especially if form has picked up again.

Mind you probably have to kick off at 8am to save costs on lighting!


Dont know why we mess about with deals like this. Just open the fam stand and let everyone in for a fiver. No doubt the intention is to keep st holders onside but its such a faff and hardly ever adds more than 250 odd.

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