Tranmere starting line up

I don’t think McKirdy fits the profile of football character in any way shape or form based on the signings made so far and the way Taylor and Fullerton have talked in interviews.

Swindon are on their knees, not playing players on time, if McKirdy is hanging around there for a contract probably highlights the lack of interest from other quarters.

Best avoided in my opinion.

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Yes I also remember 30 odd dog shit performances leading up to it.

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I didn’t mean to make that sound so harsh tbh, the lad obviously has skill and when given a run in the first team, he excelled. The best players in the world would struggle to perform at a high level playing 15 mins every 2 weeks.

Bit exposed on the left

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Sorry same, but my opinion is based on watching him not just a throw away comment.

I genuinely don’t see what he brings to the team.

Normally exasperation

He runs a bit and he throws in the odd ball straight into the keepers hands. Bit like Jordan cook

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Yeah, I thought he was more than competent there last night against villa. So think our focus has to be a striker and winger now.

Sadler also had a few minutes at LB against Palace. Not expecting him to be 1st choice for the berth (or as a starting CH for that matter) but at a pinch he could do a job if we are struggling. With him and Mills (and probably also Menoyese and/or Monthe - or a even a change of formation) providing decent enough cover, why would MT bother looking for another out and out LB to compete for that position if they are only going to be a bench warmer or push Ward down to that?

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Here’s an idea that I don’t think we’ve tried before.

For the opening game, perm any 11 names from however many we have in the squad. Leave your most effective player on the bench. Include 3 right backs but don’t play any of them in that position (1 should be at LB even though you have at least 2 fit LBs - including one who is your most in-form player). If at home, start with 5 at the back, and go one up top but have them play out wide rather than central. If that isn’t working after 10 minutes, change to 4 at the back but replace a defender (the one who has been playing best up to now) with another defender (perhaps another right back?) that you play further forward as an attacking midfielder. Leave your most effective player on the bench. Give that formation another hour before chancing your arm with your remaining 4 sub’s in one go (and at least 2 more formation changes). Move your sole forward to the wing and put 2 non-forwards in his place. Leave your most effective player on the bench.

If that doesn’t work - mix it completely the next game with wholesale changes.

But if it does work - mix it up completely the next game with wholesale changes.

Anyone who hasn’t made the match squad for 10 games on the trot (20 if they look at you the wrong way during training) is automatically brought into the next starting XI and plays the full 90 minutes, but the following game is only on the bench (unused), and the one after that is back out in the cold again. NB Scoring a goal does not change this. Be sure not to let on whether this is due to form or injury and instead claim tactical genius and an almost zen-like approach to man management.

Also, only select half of any loan players that you have - the rest remain merely as names on the back of the programme never to be seen by fans before their loan is over. Those that do get picked get priority over permanent players no matter how good they are - but should be played out of position like everyone else.

It’s a formula that might just work …


Until the loan part I thought you was mocking Southgate :rofl:


Labadie needs to play

He looks a real player

I really can’t comment on the starters for the Tranmere game as I have not seen any pre season games.
Villa gave us a beating, and hopefully, a lesson. They will get points against a lot of teams from the top flight. You give Deano a little time to build a squad, he’s going to challenge. He did that here with very little money.
As others posters have correctly pointed out, we are weak up top and that needs to be addressed if we are to have nay chance of getting out of the league. I’m sure MT and JF are aware out the short comings and I’m expecting the next signing to be a striker.
On paper we have a much better squad than last year, a new way of playing and a management team working their socks off for success.

Exactly what I thought! In the final: what was the point of leaving Grealish, Sancho and Rashford on the bench in extra-time when we had a chance to go for the win? Much too defensive. We could have won that.