Transfer embargo

Any idea which clubs this applies to.

Won’t make any difference to us - we have a self-imposed embargo.


I can’t understand clubs taking a loan if they have to pay it back by january? how are they going to have the means to pay it back in january?

Present from santa?

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They’re hoping for a grant from the Premier League by then.

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Even allowing for the burden of the rent I don’t understand how we’re not in a better financial position than any clubs that don’t have our ongoing income streams, any that committed to decent wages pre-covid, or basically any club that hasn’t got a rich benefactor.

To me there’s still something very smelly about this “takeover” for all Pomlett comes over as decent, there is literally nothing tangibly better about things other than words, and that’s a year and a half later.


Ah, good old kicking of the can down the road, the favourite thing to do in football.

Thankfully won’t be us. LP said we aren’t one of the clubs struggling to pay wages this month.

Makes sense though really, pay your loans off before getting greedy and making more signings.

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At the last WPM the club confirmed they’d planned for the season with no fans and no funding from the PL and are confident there are no issues about survival on that basis. So we are able to stand on our own two feet. Which is good but if that scenario did happen I wonder how much it would impact us in the long run, and for how long?

No transfer embargo on racing pigeons in Belgium!

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That’s signing was a right coo


Can mods place an embargo on puns please; get the thread back on its homing track.


Makes sense really.

Mass rolling of eyes in championship when Cardiff were pleading poverty at one of the meetings and then a few weeks later signed Harry Wilson on loan and committed to pay most of his 60k a week wages!

Think this applies more to league 1 and 2 anyway but you know someone like Bolton would take the mick again in January so they could be one.

They’re aiming for lofty heights

Pigeons must be wealthy. They have no problem putting deposits on expensive cars.

Don’t egg them on!

Why? Don’t we need a (ball) carrier?

Someone new on the wing would be good though.

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Don’t shoot the messenger!

I think we also need a defender. Someone in the mould of Nest-a would be nice …

You’re all clutch-ing at straws…

If we don’t get some new players in, we will tumble down this league.