Transfer Priorities

Within the semblance of the real world, both in quality and numbers, what do people think are the positional priorities for Keates with regards bringing players in?

I think we need 2 new centre backs, Guthrie is not a starter for me. To compensate I would give Roberts and Cockerill M a start at full back.

Left side of midfield is another key area, Morris or Kouyar need to step to fill in on the right. A Central midfielders is also required to replace Chambers (who can provide back up) Finally a striker to play with Cook)

The spine of the team is so important as was weak for much of last season. So Id rather spend the budget on 5 of reasonable quality, than spread it over 7 or 8. Obviously the likes of Devlin, Leahy and Gillespie are financial burdens for another year

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I’d suggest we need more than 5, simply because strength in depth is such an issue. There was a lack of competition for places last year that was only temporarily covered by loan signings, particularly in defence. The fact Leahy didn’t miss a game speaks volumes.

Presuming Kory Roberts will be reverted to right-back, we need: LB, CB x2, MR, ML, CM and a striker.

Thats too many - for the budget - it will be spread too thin as I said.

We need to “make do” this season in non spinal areas, until those contracts expire that I mentioned. Morris and Kouyar need to do something on the right between them. Cockerill M and Leahy need to do likewise at left back.

Hopefully given Keates has said he wants Players to go straight into the Team, he agrees with my thinking.

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I’m talking best case scenario. Operating within those budgetary constraints, you’d hope Kinsella will find a more regular place somewhere in the team, too.

A top notch winger. Marshall esq. An experienced centre back and I reckon our defence will collectively improve. Joe Edwards needs to sign and be fit ASAP. Think I’d play him at full back when fit, with Kins/Roberts playing until he’s back. He can also provide the midfield back up but we need one more there too. Grant esq. I’ve not seen Cockerill-Wotsit but can’t imagine Keates is impressed with Leaky especially in a 442. Another forward esp if Candlin is sent out on loan.

Super Joe signed on
Full back
Centre back
Centre mid

That would push some of our starters to the bench, making it stronger. May also allow further temporary and permanent departures.

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I would take an experienced CB to play along with Guthrie, two wingers/wide midfielders and another striker.

I would play Edwards (if he signs) and Dobson in midfield with Chambers as competition. I think we need two full backs but won’t get then unless Devlin and/or Leahy move on.

LB, CBx2 (1 perm 1 loan to save money), 1 CM (2 if Joe goes), 2 wingers, 1 striker

I’d also look to get Leahy and one of Kinsella/Devlin off the wage bill.

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As I said we have 3 senior pros who it is assumed Keates doesnt want, which will make things difficult with the budget, unless he can rid of them. You could perhaps add Kinsella and make that 4.

Keates has said his priorities are another centre back and wingers.
I can’t see Kinsella playing as full back as he’s too short and is behind both Roberts and Devlin.


For me as a minimum on the budget priority has to be
LB, CB, 2 wingers

a CM would be ideal but we could make do if Edwards re signs

As an aside I’d want to get Gillespie and leahy off the wage bill quickly sooner have a young goalkeeper on the bench then Gillespie felt he really could of done better last season

Yes not really sure where Kinsella fits in, suspect another who’d be off if it wasnt for the Contract.

As i referred to in a previous Post, there has to be a sense of “make do” next Season - it will be the following year where Keates can truely say its his Team.

Anybody got any transfer rumours at all? It was great to get Cook signed early but seems to have gone quiet on the serious rumours front ( discounting the rubbish I saw about Eboue and Fryatt on FB!)

Still early doors but I see Peterborough signed there 5th new signing today!

Keeper to compete with Roberts
Two centre halfs. Fitzwater on loan and an experienced one.
Box to box midfielder. Saw that Brad Inman has been linked, someone of that mould.
Two wingers. Zeli as one and then possibly another one depending how Dean sees Ginnelly, as a starter or a squad player.
Two strikers. If we’re gonna play 442 we need someone who can play off Cook. Maybe one with abit of pace. Nazon who was at Oldham last season looked a real threat and is at the ■■■■■■. And with them spending 40m on Portguese imports, I can’t see him getting a look in :joy:
Even Hepburn Murphy at the Villa. Could offer them a few hundred quid for him, I’m sure they’ll take it with their money issues :joy:

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Nazon was brilliant at Oldham last season, seemed as if he was way above the quality of the rest of the team…
Someone else who could score goals, in a Walsall team? Nah we would be ruined, and, we would have to change our name from Walsallnil…fans on the terraces would have to have help from mental issue professionals actually seeing goals scored by forwards…too much to cope with…

Is that you Ancient Moaner? :wink:

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What, that miserable owd git? Didn’t he give us a two page rant about exiting UTS for good on the demise of the old format, due to the constant attacks on his very optimistic outlook on life?
Tried to sign on as Walsallnil but someone beat me to it!
Though I am looking forward to seeing a more attack minded approach this coming season.


Agree regarding Nazon, and while we’re harvesting relegated players, Oldham have a midfielder called Ousmane Fané (previously of Kidderminster) who could fill the ball-winning Osborne role we’ve been missing. He’s rumoured to have fallen out with the bizarre Oldham ownership, although he probably commands a transfer fee…

Walsallnil is a good mate of mine…don’t bring him into your rants :slightly_smiling_face: Indeed he and I between us cover the score in most of our games!!!:

Could do with some Fané!