Transfer Windows

Given that the vast majority of transfers now seem to happen in the summer or at the very beginning or end of the January window, is it time to change it?

31 days is a long time for the window to be open, it causes disruption, frustration etc… and not a lot seems to happen until the end of it anyhow.

So how about restricting the January window to 7 or 10 days, perhaps even during the ‘winter break’?

Or perhaps bringing in a second window, 7 days in early November and 7 days in late January?


All transfer windows should be shut before the start of the season and you should have to make do with what you have at that point IMO.

Teams from League One downwards should be able to loan players right through until the end of March.

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In addition to this the Government should bring in a levy on all transfers of over £5 million of say 5%, which would generate best part of £100m+ a year which would be spent on 4g pitches in the grass roots.

Whilst we are at it, chuck a 10% levy on all agents fees to raise another £30m!

Just a thought


The moves which happen at the start of the window are those which have been agreed by the clubs some time ago and are unable to be processed until the window opens. The reason most of the moves happen at the end of the window are because a lot of moves happen as a result of other moves freeing up players and making them available. It’s a domino effect where clubs don’t want to release players they don’t really want until they can get a replacement in.

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Should have a window open from the day after the season ends to the day before the season starts. That’s it then for the whole season.


I agree. Have all the off-season to get your business done. Then slam it shut. It adds pressure. Leads to panic deals. And the hype about the PL Clubs on Sky sports. Do not get me started.

Agree, also think a team shouldn’t be able to change their manager during the season. Appoint a plonker, you’re stuck with him.

Agree there. Some teams go through 3 managers in a season.