Travel Office

Doing the rounds on social media, pretty shabby if true…

I can understand them wanting to move him to be fair but 4 days notice? Without a face to face meeting? Scummy.

I’d expect nothing less from some of the scum at our club.

Bunch of rats running the club , what else would you expect ?

Roy is more Walsall than Bonser, Gamble and Mole combined!

40 years he’s dedicated to providing travel to thousands of fans to hundreds of away games.

Whoever at the club have sanctioned this need to hang their sorry heads in shame.


I bet there are very few fans on this board who don’t have a memory of an away day with Royston…

Great memories.

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I remember phoning him up one Saturday morning (probably about 7am :blush:) to ask him if the Bristol City game was still on because there was deep snow in the Midlands. Can you imagine phoning one of the club officials at their home to ask about a game?

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Scumbags just another sign that the club do not give a monkeys about fans.

You couldn’t tweet them without them crying ! Ha ha

Has the request to move come from the club itself or from whoever is handling the winding up of the Supporters Club (whose building it is/was)?

How do we know it is the Club who have done this? If it is they should be ashamed but it maybe whoever has been charged with sorting out the mess at the “supporters club” . As for the “bin” cupboard I would suggest the Club offer the travel section the old programme office as I think we may be taking more away fans if the current form continues. We should be In this together as we seek to defy the odds.

Nothing confirmed and no response from the club as yet, either.

Roy is a great bloke have used the coaches for over 30 years always a great day out, but on the way back if you were on kitys coach she would wake you to get a tip for the driver lol.

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Kitty Lyons, bloody hell, memories!

As teenagers we always ensured we had a hand full of 1p’s and 2p’s to throw into the tip envelope. it sounded like a lot :slight_smile:

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Top bloke Roy, got me on the coach at the last minute on many occasions in years gone by. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Used to love going on the coaches with Roy. Walsall through and through

So you were one of the mean ******** at the back of the coach then…not surprised:grinning::grinning: to be honest but us lot at the front had to dig deeper:grinning:

I was a poor teenager on a YTS scheme. Have a heart :wink:

At least you used the coins for their original purpose :rofl:

Many happy memories of Royston how and by who was he given this news.Understandably you tell us what didn’t happen but would be good to know how exactly this requirement was communicated.