Travel Office


OK…I believe you!!!


Seems the situation as been resolved and more info to follow…just seems a strange 24 hours for all concerned.


I suspect this was done by the liquidators for the Saddlers Club and the club had no prior notice of what was going to happen. Although nothing has been said I doubt the football club knew anything about it, and I think they’d be appalled too.

Best wait for Masi to weigh in with the facts.


Story in the E&S tomorrow, suspect Exile is on the money here.


Someone who knows Royston was told by a steward at the game on Tuesday and they passed it on to Royston. Unfortunately they got it wrong.


Imagine my shock at the ■■■■ communication , surely Gamble or Mole could of picked the phone up in the first place?


Relocating Royston to new premises within the stadium would have been a great bit of PR for the club, #StrongerTogether and all that.

Instead they’re having to apologise publicly for how the situation was dealt with. Tin pot.


What an embarrassment. If false, they’re asking a steward to carry the can, if true, they told a steward before they told a very interested party. Either way, utterly appalling information security or tact.


Agree let’s throw the steward under the Bus… :joy::joy::joy:


The steward needs a right lambasting as he’s obviously the string-puller in this case. The management are totally guilt-free as the steward pulled rank and made an executive decision.

Is that what we’re supposed to believe? :thinking:


Edit: Seems like a communication balls up.


How many times have we had people come on here and say that a steward said? Usually it concerns a signing but this was much more important. I think the Club need to be very careful in passing information on anything to those in charge of the stewards. It is clear that they thrive on gossip and sometimes it can do great damage. Glad to see however that the Club agree with me that the programme shop will be an ideal venue for the travel shop. UTS


Reading that, and with all due respect to Royston, this now seems like a storm in a teacup now.

I completely understand why he reacted the way he did and don’t blame him at all.

If it did come from a Steward it’s entirely plausible he’s overheard something or been privy to something he wasn’t supposed to be completely innocently.

I find it hard to believe the club would have given him no notice whatsoever, which is what would have happened had the steward not told him.

The upshot is he actually gets quite a nice little office in the old programme shop so I don’t really see the harm done.


TBH, why are people taking orders from a steward and getting upset over it? Sounds like this was just a steward acting like an idiot way above his pay grade


Fair play to them, they’ve done something really nice for another supporter.