Trivela Group Takeover

Same with owners who’ve beaten their supporters into a semblance Stockholm Syndrome.

Looking at the club it’s a MLS 3rd division side close to home for him…
he’s also a board member not CEO or CFO he’s likely on as an advisor so his time is unlikely to be affected by this at all.

It’s also a link into the American system which could potentially benefit us for talent options in the future


Needs to focus on Walsall … FFS losing quality players left right and centre

Quality ? He couldn’t throw a ball never mind kick 1

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Ben Tozer can teach him how to do a long throw hahaha

I didn’t realise but there’s a really good range of Trivela branded products in the online store now, including this beauty for £57+P&P, making you feel a little bit Sadler:


£52 +P&P for this stylish and smart black jumper, and they’ve got it in my size 4XL. Perfect Fathers Day gift.

This for real?

Edit - Holy shit it is, what are they thinking?

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It’s the slow slide to becoming the Trivella Reds.

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Or the Trivella Red Devils

Good call, but far too many problems here. For those who didnt see the story, the board decided to sign a deal with Kelty Hearts, so that Inverness would train down there all week…it’s over 3 hours drive from Inverness. T

Overpriced by about 20 quid an item they won’t sell many of those.

They’ll be produced on order, it’s just the sort of paraphernalia that US companies sell or give to employees. I work for one, water bottles, t shirts ‘decals’ for your laptop all sorts of useless shit.


Didn’t they back track on that?

Sorry, my reply to you originally was incomplete…they made this decision and there has been uproar. They consulted with nobody, it came completely out of the blue. Imagine moving Walsall’s training facilities to Carlisle, and what that would do for the town, the sense of identity etc. Even worse was the fact that they blamed it on being able to attract better players who, apparently, won’t come and live so far north…completely ignoring the fact that Ross County are just down the road and are a premier club!

Anyway, there was then a supporters meeting held, at which considerable anger was vented, the main man has stepped aside and said the club is up for sale/looking for investors, and the CEO has left. And the upshot was that they have put the deal with Kelty on hold and said they will be staying training at Fort George, for now at least. They then put out a press release saying they were calling in consultants to see whether the club was a going concern as it stood or whether they might need to enter administration.

If people think Trivela are bad, what a mess up here.

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Walsall fan tv reporting our budget has been cut… if true this is disgusting… didnt pomlett say if we average 5000 attendance then we can be really compete in this league… turns out if its true then he is full of shite…

I don’t think we really needed that confirming.

Don’t know if it is true, but prices up, budget down (allegedly)

To be fair I don’t take Walsall Fan TV seriously, he is a nice bloke but I always think most of it is for comedy affect.


Yh im not sure how he would know but think this needs addressing at the fans forum

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It’s been said before but this 5,000 comment was at a point where getting that sort of audience would have put us in the top half dozen average audiences in the division. Our gates have risen but so too have our competitors, many by more than we have, and we are competing against the other sides in our division, not the 6 years ago versions of ourselves when we were only averaging around 4k. Last season our 5,300 average was 13th highest, so not even top half of the division, so at least half of the division is likely to be generating more revenue from ticket sales at least.

I’d take Walsall Fan TV (the joy and the pain) with a pinch of salt, he’s claimed to be in the know on transfers incoming and I’m not sure he’s yet to get one right. Not sure where he’s getting his info from but stirring up trouble on unsubstantiated rumours does nobody any good and only causes divisions between the fanbase and the club itself.


If you’re believing anything walsallfantv has to say then I really don’t know what to tell you…