Trivela impact?

What has tangibly changed since Trivela purchased the club?

  1. no improvement in the quality of players on the pitch
  2. no improvement in the quality of the coaching staff
  3. no improvement to scouting/network/analysis/recruitment team
  4. no improvement to youth development
  5. no improvement to training facilities
  6. no change to the senior leadership team responsible for years of failure
  7. freehold purchased but no information on the cost, debt financing and impact on playing budget shared
  8. no improvement in match day experience
  9. cost of tickets and refreshment massively increased

Agree on all but point 7. They’ve stated that it’s less than the rent and that the rent was unsustainable. You’re not going to get more than that out of them and what difference does knowing what the ground cost?

The next 12 months needs all the other points sorting or at least tangible progress being made.

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Until we see improvements to the whole match day experience be it the quality of food, ques and the actual football its just words from Boycott, but most fans have been taken in by it.


Who said that, Trivella?

I am almost certain Pomlett said more than once that we could be successful while paying rent.

Nothing else matters other than winning or promotion.

Don’t care about sausage roles.
Don’t care about queuing at kiosks.
Don’t mind the ticket price going up a couple of quid.

As long as they win.


Boycott’s recent statement and the next one he is due to issue will address most of these points.

People need to understand Trivela have been in charge less than a year i would suspect this season has been a case of fault finding and auditing i feel we will start to see steady progression going forward.


Boycott said this at the Fans Forum.

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Walsall fans: the only important thing is getting the freehold and getting rid of bonser for good

Trivela: we’ve secured the freehold for the club

Walsall fans: what have trivela ever done for us?!?


Spot on, Stretch. It’s all about being successful. Would people really have moaned about the style of play under Flynn if we had got into the play-offs? I don’t think so.


I’m more interested in what they do on the pitch so far nothing.

I think the purchase of the ground is a red herring, that’s their investment sealed. It certainly hasn’t been done for fans.


Not once have I ever sat in the ground staring longingly at the roof, stanchions, seats etc and thought, I wish we owned this ourselves.

Same as I have never trudged past the Saddlers club after another shite performance and thought I reckon I’d be happier if it wasn’t boarded up.

What goes on the pitch is all that has ever bothered me as this is the primary reason for existing as a FOOTBALL club. Something Walsall FC has lost sight of and failed spectacularly at over the last 5/6 years.


I seem to say this every year but judging by the reaction to this managerial appointment I think this is the year where we see which way the club is heading. I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that it’s the biggest 6 months in the recent history of the club.

BB has made some very big, bold, public statements. If it was just a very elaborate short term ploy in order to quell some of the expected negative reaction to an underwhelming managerial appointment and the improvements and structure promised does not materialise - well, if Sadler doesnt get off to a good start you will see the biggest mutiny and drop off in support since the Fox / Dann debacle. No doubt about it. But it will be a lot worse.

Every time I say it’s a big 6 months ahead we are let down. I think if we are let down this time we will be looking at a very uncertain future.

  1. I’d disagree with - we’ve seen some improvement - DJ, Knowles and Bennett were probably 3 of the best players we’ve had since being at this level

2, 3, 4 agreed

5, I’m not sure we need to

6, agreed

7, Gamble said it was less than the rent so should free up some cash

8, 9 agreed

So only minimal improvement. Lots of words but very little action so far.

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Worryingly, I’ve found myself agreeing with your last few posts :wink: I think this is a huge 6 months.


F*ck me the bar was low :grimacing::crazy_face:

They have been here just under 12 months. The mess Bonser left and then Pomlett just about kept above water aint going to be turned around in a year or 2.

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The aquaduct?

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