Trouble at Bristol Rovers match

I am told there was trouble after the match when chavs tried to invade the Walsall supporters coach and the Police had to use Pepper spray.
Anyone have any more details, hopefully everyone was ok?

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No. This. Bad. UTS

It wasnt the best to control as both sets of fans were leaving via the same gate. I saw a middle age lady on her backside and a chap alongside her giving someone some verbals (assume they were Rovers fans) - couldnt see what had happened, just heard the police getting a little vocal telling people to get away. Unfortunately, it only takes one to kick it off

I did think last season that there were all sorts of opportunities for trouble and it was no different this year.

That exit could be brutal in the wrong set of circumstances it’s basically every fan in the ground coming together.

I’m sure 3 Rovers fans were arrested last year, two for taking drugs on the premises and another for a racial slur on Bakayoko. On the whole there isn’t much of a security presence.

Who can forget the hilarious game where we thrashed them 5 or 6 to one and they drunkenly surged onto the pitch. Absolutely ridiculous. Further evidence of the evil that cider can do, you can stick it. :crazy_face:

To be fair I just think that on the whole they’re a bit of a twatty self important fan base.

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Walked back to the car by the Wellington pub no problems at all seen the police cars speeding towards the ground hope everyone was OK

Proper ‘we shouldn’t be losing to the likes of Walsall’ fodder.


Oh definitely!

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Which is hilarious because that’s exactly what I think about them.

Get good gates though, nearly 8k when they’re in the bottom 4.

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They were bemoaning the “low” turnout on their forum. We’d be delighted to get 8k

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A city with 450,000+ population and a local rival pulling 20k+ in the Championship, 8k is about where you’d expect them to be.

I am not trying to glorify this, it is just a memory, but it takes me back to the 80’s when me and a couple of mates peter bayliss and roger hall, had been on a night out in Tewkesbury and we stopped off at a motorway cafe on our way back, i think it was strencham? anyway we were getting stuck into some pie and chips when about 6 Bristol rovers fans came in singing and generally playing up, I will never forget pete jumping up from his seat with a blunt knife in his hand chasing them out of the door singing saddlers saddlers saddlers :joy::joy: me and rog where gob smacked.


They have been doing that for years and years and years. They really ought to be used to it by now.


They don’t like it up 'em!


I can remember April? 1983. They were going for promotion , and the club paid for their coaches. We put five past them, at least a couple in front of the Railway End. Ran rings round them.That was one of the early indications that Buckley and Pendrey were creating something special.


I recall Twerton Park, 1988 and going there confident of victory, and with the likes of Forbes and Kelly, how could we lose?

We got a Gary Penrice lesson in ball control and finishing, lost 3-0, and condemned to the playoffs.

This does not surprise me one bit. Went there in the 09 Mullen season we won 3-1 I believe.

I must admit we did wind their fans up, having Mullen sent off and standing on the terrace with us spiced things up, plus a late penalty to seal the points.

After the game they let us all out together as mentioned above. One of the coppers smugly said something along the lines of ‘good luck lads’, no escort (not that we wanted one) or vigilance, they definitely wanted it to go off in my opinion.

it does seem cider country loves a rowdy time.

Remember walking back from Tesco in Wembley to the bottom of the hill that leads up to the green man pub, it appeared some Bristol youth had apparently run some Walsall up the hill, they come down the hill seen my Walsall pin badge and told me to put down my beer and fight them.