Troy Deeney Autobiography

Includes a chapter on Walsall (titled “Dicky Dosh”). Deeney started on £120 a week. Says Ant Gerard was a joker who locked him in a room with a snake. Jimmy Mullen used to call Deeney ‘Ned’ for reasons unknown.

Deeney says he was sold to Watford for 350k, but with a 20% sell on. News to me. Leicester Offered £27m, but Watford wanted £30m. Walsall would have got £6m. Strange that Watford didn’t sell.

Leicester manager at the time (Ranieri) now manager of Watford.


Cheers Geoff.

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Is he still there ?


Where have you been buried for the last how many years?


They didn’t sell because after the sell on they’d have been left with just over £20M and they wanted a lot more.

Deeney was even dispatched to pay Uncle Jeff a visit to try and get the sell on reduced to aid the move he wanted.

Considering they only paid 350k they had a cheek trying to reduce the sell on, greedy gets.


If you want a shufty/ preview of Deeney’s book…

go to google books . and just type Troy Deeney.

Suggest go to the Dicky Dosh chapter first,or…Google Books

Think there’s about 40 or 60 odd pages.

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350k!!! that’s ridiculous. Didn’t we pay that much for makris? :joy::joy:

Interesting take on Alex Nicholls :joy::joy:

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Seem to remember at the time plenty of supporters thought we’d scammed Watford for getting any money for him.

Tbf deeney was no world beater at the time. I didn’t remember him playing and thinking wow this is a championship level striker.

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‘Ishmael Demontagnac, who’s this prick?’


Deeney did a newspaper interview a few years back, just after the Leicester bid and said (along the lines of) Watford wanted to sell me but didn’t want to hand over 20% to Walsall, so they told me to negotiate the sell-on myself (with Bonser) and then I could leave, Bonser was having none of it, and the rest is history.

I’ll see if I can find the article


Thanks for that.

“Stourbridge - a nice area of Birmingham” :grin:

“they introduced me as the next Steve Bull. I didn’t know who that was” :laughing:

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Did he say anything about Hutchings managerial style? Although actually results were o.k while those two worked together and then the season rapidly nosedived after he went in August 2010.

Mullen is dismissed in half a sentence, and all he says about Hutchings is that when he took over he hit “a rich scoring vein”. He might go into more detail elsewhere in the book.

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ASDA selling it for £10.


Wait a couple of weeks and it will be on Walsall market for £1 :laughing: :wink:


Deffo got to get the book, was truly gutted when he went in 2010… what hurt too was the fact he was in the team photo for that season as well :laughing: