Tuesday night

So what are people’s thoughts on the team for Tuesday night .
With all the central defenders who were brought in either gone or unavailable .
White looked to be limping heavily at the end yesterday also.
Assuming he can play Tuesday will it be Mills, Leak, White , Kinsella? and of course unless we bring any players in this or something similar is the back four in at least the next 3 games .
I can’t see Matt Sadler being risked he’s 36/7 but more importantly has had no competitive action for 9/10 months it’s virtually impossible for him to be any where near match.
Think Taylor will try and pack the midfield to try and give as much protection as possible .
Having said that we aren’t exactly watertight when we are at full strength ( whatever that is ) .
Hopefully I’m completely wrong and we drop into a new formation by accident and it all works perfectly.

It all depends on if we sign anyone tomorrow

If not, then I actually don’t know how we’re going to line up because we’re that short on players :laughing:

Need to bring in players in tomorrow that are ready to play first-team football right away. Simple as that. Anything else is a piss-take. It may be impossible but it shouldn’t have been left this late.


I think he will be playing the same tactics and formation as usual. needless to say our chance creation will be AMAZING. yawn.

He needs to give his head a wobble. hes showing atrocious qualities as a manager at the moment, regardless of what is going on behind the scenes. You could play the same game 10 times at the moment and the outcome would be the same as he has 0 ideas. clueless.


If White is not fit, or at least persuadable, then it has to be Sadler surely? Otherwise, as you have it.

I would play 4132, Kinsella as the one, any of the obvious as the front 2, with no Labadie. The rest is pick and mix although I would play Osadebe because he has heart and can do the odd good thing, and Earring because he was one of the few who played well yesterday.

Yes possibly Sadler , but it is a massive ask in view of his inactivity.
has he even been on the bench this season .

Could be a bonus that Cook isn’t exactly mobile so he wouldn’t have to chase him around , although you can see Lavery if he plays running himself into the ground .

Don’t think Lavery will play Tuesday ,

We have players that would start out and we are all low on confidence that’s the players and the fans.Some of the stats that @Thanatos and others have posted are a stark reminder of what type of team we follow through thin and thin we all invest so much time in them and if the chairman invested the same amount as the love we have we’d be challenging for the premier league title.Tuesday again will be another tough test and until Matt gets something to click we are going to be playing the same non existent football and the players will have the same dropped shoulders as I’ve seen on pictures posted on here.We not only need players to be bought in to strengthen the team we need them to have a positive effect on the current low mood.It’s a massive week and I do mean massive I’m struggling to think of a season in the past where getting the right signings has meant so much.

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Not brilliant but I would suggest:
Kinsella Leak White Mills
Labadie Bates
Wilkinson Earing Phillips

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You are right it’s a massive week , I get people not going on Tuesday I’ve thought about it myself but for now I’m of the mind that the team actually need us more than ever and not going could be self defeating , but I do definitely understand why people won’t be going .
If it’s as bad as yesterday and we don’t make any signings then I’m definitely going to be thinking long and hard at it .

Could be something barmy with so many out at the back. I wouldn’t be suprise with something like

White labadie leak mills
Kinsella perry
Wilkinson earing kiernan

I wouldn’t be suprised if labadie ended up centre back as were short both there and left back/ right back. Problem is labadie wouldn’t be a composed positional Center back

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We could end up with a back 3. Something along the lines of a 3 5 2 or 3 4 3

Mills leak White
Kiernan kinsella earing shade
Wilko Miller phillips


Mills leak White
Kiernan labadie earing kinsella shade
Wilko miller

I did think about Labadie it’s possible

And you going Tuesday night is a sterling effort especially with the current form and the fact we have so many out.Everyone has a differing fuse length mate I have no patience whatsoever never have never will your probably one of the most patient people out there it’s life we will all have differing moments of giving up the ghost.Anyway I hope they play a bit better for you mate and score a couple to warm you up you have my upmost respect.

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Cheers pal , all we all ask is something half decent on the pitch . and a clear vision from the board


He is absolutely shite in the air though

He ain’t showed a lot on the ground either !

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We have until 12noon tomorrow to sign and register a player to enable him to play on Tuesday. I hope we are ready to do that especially for the 2 defenders we need. We should not have let Taylor go without a replacement being signed .Very poor management in my view and it was clear as long ago as the fans meeting that MT wanted a full back in so there should be no more delay.
If we don’t sign anyone I would bring in Sadler to play alongside Leak although that is a risk. Whoever plays though it will be hard against Bradford although they have had a disappointing season too.

We need Osadebes hard work back in the team