Twenty Three!

If my sources are correct we have 23 players out of 27
That will be out of contract or will see there loan end.
Another massive re building job on the cards then!
We must get the recruitment right even if we need to bring someone in to oversee the transfers, there’s a wage for it now Clarkes gone.

Players still contracted come end of season


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Those 4 are the start of a decent squad. I’d be more worried if names like White, Lavery and Sinclair were on that list.


If they could add:
Norman, Wes, Gordon, Scarr then that would be a start.

Also Nolan, Perry and CM depending on how they get on for the rest of this season.

But a massive job.
This is where we need a Director of Football. Leave BD to team affairs and get someone to find players.

I think that high figure is fantastic news imagine being stuck with them for another 18 months!

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We need another suntan man , or a team of scouts who can identify or unearth some fresh talent and leave BD to concentrate on coaching and training .

For a green fingered manager having to worry about sorting so many other responsibilities will only have one ending.


Surprised Rose is on that list!! I think that some players you mention keeping will be off anyway and many others we may not wish to keep. Looks like a new team next season then which may be a good thing.

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Didn’t Robert’s sign a new deal and is here for next season ?

Not the worst midfield 3! I imagine some interest will come in for Holden though

Would love Gordon to stay but he’ll be off as will Wes so a whole rebuild at the front unfortunately

They are the only ones, apart from maybe Norman, Scarr, Mcdonald and Gordon, that are worth keeping (plus a couple of younger pros).

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Let the rebuild begin! I don’t see this as a negative tbh, quite the opposite infact. Clean slate time, baby

can’t hit the target Gordon? Can’t defend for toffee scarr? If we want improvement from this season and last season then we need better players than that. Ones who do the basics correct would do. I want players who will put a defensive shift in and grind out a 1-0 result. our strikers to win headers and able to hit the target when given a chance. Im sick of headless chickens running after the ball but can’t do much else.


To be fair Gordon was coming good till he got injured.


I think criticism of Gordon is a little harsh. Given the fact that Clarke assembled an unbalanced squad has meant he’s been played way out of position, where he still puts a shift in. When he’s played down the middle he’s actually got a decent record.

Gordon will get back into his stride, he has come through a nasty injury and he now has a new boss and a couple of new players around him, give him a few weeks :wink:


I just don’t think Gordon the answer If we wanna get out this league. Look at how many corners we get and never look like scoring. In this division we need an old fashioned number9 and the same with the centre backs.

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Of those out of contract. Would try and keep hold of Scarr, Norman , Nolan, Wes and flash. (But only if wage demands are not ridiculous.)
Even if we did manage to keep hold of those it would still mean we need another 8-10 decent players .

I’d keep rose, lavery 6 month contract ( only striker who can hit the target), Melbourne, McDonald, Nolan, sadler ( player/coach), the rest I’d let go. For me we need an experienced manager who’s managed in league one with know how. Getting managers from non league who mainly played their footballing career outside the football league isn’t the answer imo. I’ll Give Dutton a fair crack the rest of this season but it makes the summer even harder

Not having control of the situation (dictated by Clarke leaving and then the temporary appointment) Weakens our ability to retain and recruit next season

The football structure at our club does not exist

The Summer will be more of a Sh!t show than usual. There is no recruitment strategy in place other than fill a shift with a cheap player.

I think we must put our faith this time 100% with Lee Pomlett, he states that getting out of this division is a priority.

He may already be working with / talking to a new potential manager ( and discussing matters with Brian Dutton ) about next season in general and the team recruitment so we must have faith in him at such a unprecedented time in all of our lives

What has gone one in the past has gone, we are where we are today and we need to dust ourselves down and go again.

I am glad that we have Lee in charge rather than the previous owner at this stage

We need to get behind him and do all we can to support him and the Club