Two full backs not good enough


credit where due Leahy had a decent game today only fault was the crossing floats it too much instead of getting pace and whip on his crosses Devlin also did well overall.


Funny thing is they have played better in the majority of games this season


Imo they have been made to be scapegoats and are the new boo boys, regardless to how they play a few of our fans won’t praise them…I’m the first to agree they had a difficult first season and I too questioned their ability however this season there’s been an improvement and one thing they both do is give 100%, maybe Ferrier could do with taking a leaf out of their book and do the same.


I don’t think anyone is suggesting they don’t give 100%. IN fact, I have said several times they clearly do, and seem nice guys.

However… they are League 2 standard full backs. Compare them with our full backs in the successful teams we have had. look even a couple years ago with Demetriou and Rico/Taylor, these pair could not lace their boots.


Rico Henry? He’s in the championship. If anybody expects them to be that standard they are delusional.

They are better than league two standard. What utter hyperbole.


Very strange response. Obviously Rico Henry was a special talent.

What about Demetriou and Taylor? Strangely they were ignored.


They are what they are, and they’re who we have for now. How about moaning about stuff we can change instead.

Oh, hang on…


I think part of my mentioning of these two, is that you would not believe how much of the budget they have taken up. Unbelievable.


That’s not the players fault, that’s Whitneys.

The constant targeting of them is completely irrational.


Yeah they were and to be fair I’d rather have Demetrou than Devlin. I don’t get the point of the comparison though. I’d rather have a 25 year old Ian Roper at the back rather than John Guthrie. But time moves on. Taylor and Leahy are much of a muchness though really.

It’s still irrelevant to their recent performances. Which have been absolutely fine.


Bring back Wayne Evans.


If constant targeting is responding to weekly comments about their crossing statistics is then fine :joy:


Yes, constant targeting. I presume are on other social media platforms? Just look on there. The edgy clique’s love to have a pop at him, it’s almost fashionable.


Can’t the Korean’s just clone another Graham Forbes for goodness sake? :ghost:


Who? I haven’t seen it. Tbh, I don’t follow much walsall stuff on twitter or Facebook. I base my inference on stats and the fact they both make ricks, and are poor positionally.

They’ve improved this year no doubt, but if this side is to improve then those positions need addressing. That’s all I’m sayin’ yo.


Keates, meanwhile, scotched rumours in a national newspaper that left-back Luke Leahy – out of contract next summer – has turned down a new deal at the Banks’s Stadium.

He confirmed: “There’s no contract been offered to Luke so what’s been said in one of the national newspapers is fabricated by the paper.

“He’s performed really well so far, Luke, and long may it continue.”


Looks like Keates is pleased with LL performance and it’s the fellas birthday today so perhaps cut him some slack.


Interested to see the stats that prove he’s been “poor positionally”. the most common throw away line on Leahy.

After all, I can find you plenty that show what an asset he is going forward. Samsara already posted them.


Why aren’t people critisising the wingers who are being outplayed going forward by a crap league 2 standard left back?