Two full backs not good enough


Is anybody else sick to death of reading about our fullbacks.Who I think are doing no better or worse than anybody else in the team​:zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:


I’d shut up about them if they deserved all the criticism they get, to be fair.


I’m just feeding the trolls. It’s fantastic sport.


It gets so boring being accused of being a troll all the time. It’s as lazy a throw away line as “Luke Leahy is a League Two standard defender”.

It’s normally by people who can’t convince me of their nonsense.


Feeding the trolls? Are you referring to me as a troll because I differ in opinion to you and actually back my opinions up?


Yep, but they’re always singled out.


Why do self-styled troll-baiters passionately defend their argument at every opportunity?
That’s not aimed at anyone in particular, but it’s been used by many folks.


I am in the business of evidence and inference. I would invite you to look at how our goals are conceded (and not just the final few seconds before a goal is cored - which is lazy), and have a decent muse at where the goals we concede come from. I base this over the last 18 months.


I asked you for evidence. You didn’t give it.

You asked me for evidence. I trailed through every goal we had conceded and apportioned blame for each one and wrote up what I found for you. ■■■■ doing it again for you.

That speaks volumes in my opinion on who the troll is.


Did you show anything beyond subjective, qualitative evidence?

As I said, go and look not just in the final seconds before a goal is scored.


What, like video evidence? What did I say that was subjective? Did you disagree with any of my analysis? You never responded so I don’t know.

Ah, so literally watching every goal we concede isn’t enough research for you. Despite being there for majority of the games as well that’s not good enough. I’m just a troll.

This from the man who has spouted subjective nonsense through this entire thread.


I don’t have the data to make such inferences - but given I have analysed data for a well known Dutch club - I am using that to generate, what I consider to be, reasonable claims.

I am fed up of making the same point, but you’re deluded if you think those two are any better than average league two defender.

Give 100%, nice guys, not good enough given the wages they’re on.


Ah so you are not going to answer the question put to you and respond with the same subjective stuff you’ve just accused me of using. Fair enough. Have a good one.

Edit: Just noticed their not even decent league two defenders, just average league two defenders now! :joy::joy::joy:


Has the cheek to call us trolls for having a different opinion and backing up our claims. :thinking:


The thing is with this whole debate is if you simply say “I just don’t think they are good enough long term”. Fine! If the aim in the long run is promotion then I probably tend to agree with you, unfortunately.

But talking about “stats” when Luke Leahy has some of the best stats in the side, or sprouting hyperbole like “they’re average League 2 standard” then I’ve got no time for it. It’s just over hyping your opinion to try and disprove others.

They are what we have at the moment, they are average league ONE full backs and have done a fine job this season. it’s not even subjective. So constantly piling on them as some do achieves absolutely nothing and actually can only do harm because it ain’t changing any time soon.


Couple of things. Claims aren’t backed up, and I am basing my inferences on the law of averages :wink:


Oh and stats such as frequencies are meaningless when considering a construct such as ‘how good a player is’.


Now what on earth are you talking about? Maybe you’ll actually answer that one


I think they’ve been okay this season. Nothing more nothing less. Both have had more decent/good games than bad. Both give 100%. Have we had better? Yes. Will we get better? Yes. For the cards we’ve been dealt I’m happy with their progress this season.


I’ve literally supplied stats which prove he’s not as bad as made out but apparently I haven’t backed up my claims.

el_nombre went through each goal conceded at a point where Leahy and Devlin were getting stick but apparently he isn’t backing up his claims either.

We then get called trolls.

If this is what science in the UK has to offer then I am genuinely worried. You pull the scientist card like it validates your points.