Two full backs not good enough


Moving away from the debate of whether they’re both ‘good enough’, it’ll be interesting to see how Keates/the Club handle the contract negotiations for Devlin and Leahy. With both being up for renewal in the summer, we’ll see how much Keates rates them by the lengths we go to keep them.

I get the feeling that we’ll try and keep both, with Devlin signing and Leahy rejecting our offer and looking for a new club.


It was interesting that Keates specifically denied the rumour that Leahy had already turned down a deal.

I think you are right, I can see Leahy leaving, for another League one club, and Devlin staying.

I think it’s a no loss situation. If we keep them, well I’ve made it pretty clear I think we have two ok options. If we lose them it gives us funds to go out and sign somebody better. So for me the wise thing to do is get behind them until that happens.

That said if I was Leahy I’m not sure I’d bother signing a contract if I can get similar elsewhere.


Yep. Just a hunch, but I think the criticism Leahy received last season will probably play a large part in his decision to stay or go.


I think we should lambast them endlessly in the hope that either their performances dramatically improve, or that attracts infinitely superior replacements.


I think Devlin deserves a contract. Has adapted to the division, has improved, he’s relatively young, has very few injury issues and balances his defensive/attacking duties well enough. Standard League One fodder, but we could do a whole lot worse.


He’s also the least angry angry Scotsman to ever play football. I’d genuinely let him tuck me into bed.


Yeah, good character to have in the team and a natural leader. I could see Devlin playing a lot of games for us.


Glad we agree!

I think the point I was trying to make was lost in the flame war

Given their wages, we can do a lot better. They are two of the higher earners - and we have Mr Whitney to blame for that.


How do you know that? Wages are not disclosed by football clubs for fairly obvious reasons.


I just know. Can’t divulge much more.


Neither are really all that good but for what we pay , they probably perform above expectations.


A player on £800m a week at Walsall is a high earner :laughing:


We don’t agree. You think they’re abysmal and that they’re at fault for everything, I don’t.


I think I’m reading the AAW version of the brexit thread…


Not even close :joy:


Just like you knew Nicky Devlin had a a problem with keates after being dropped :thinking:

I find it slightly ironic that “I just know, don’t question it. Just trust me” is good enough when you have demanded extensive evidence, passed what has already been provided, by others.


If you look - I knew about Russell Martin back in May. I gave plenty of hints.

I can’t mention more about this due to discretion. That’s trumps posting on a message board.


Get the post up? With your hints. Come on Mr evidence. I mentioned Russell Martin on the day he was released from Norwich, not based on any clue from you.


Don’t bring it up on a message board then. Simples.


Interesting to think they could be top earners. Leahy spent five-years at Falkirk, a stable Championship club, so there’s probably at least one contract extension in that period but still not League One level money.

On the other hand, Ayr didn’t go full time until the summer that Devlin left, so perhaps he had to leave another career/wage in order to go full time. He also had interest from Hibs and Hearts, who are decent payers by SFL standards.

Add that to relocation, the reasonably short contracts and the fact news spread that the budget ‘was spent’ a week or so after they signed, they could both be on a fair whack?