Two full backs not good enough




That neuro doctorate has gone to his head… :smiley:


Some might call that a troll…


I’m baaaaaack


It was a tumultuous time on the board, if I remember correctly


Nah just he’s just playing others at their own game tbf


Nah he’s not. I respond to anything in the same manner it was aimed at me but at least I back up what I say.

He’s just trolling and then accusing others of that.

It’s why it’s so boring when people still accuse me of it. I’m bored of proving people wrong.


Get over it pal I think you’ve proved your not, you just slightly angry and patronising but hey we all have our faults :+1:t2:


Neuromantic messaged me on Facebook. He explained a few things which can’t be mentioned on here so I almost understand his position. He was definitely trolling though so just take it all with a pinch of salt :joy: I’m definitely not rising to it like I was. Grow up neuromantic :wink:


Hes a decent troll tbf


The subtle ones are usually best


At one point, on one of the older versions of this website he accounted for approx. 45% of all active users :joy:


The good old days!




Superb tonight.


Devlin and leahy have beenExcellent against Sunderland and Coventry might keep people off there backs for a week (if they are lucky)