Two full backs not good enough


I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere that Edwards should be moved into one of the fullback roles once fit. Interesting concept!


I think that completely nullifies his best attributes, proper box to box midfielder who makes good runs forward and can score but can also protect the back four. He waltzes back into this side at centre mid, never mind full back, for me.


Absolutely. He’d hit some great form before his injury and we’ve really missed him.


Wasn’t he playing left back (or maybe it was left wing back) when we had those few games under Whitney when we looked quite good. Sheff Utd at home, and Brizzle Rovers and a couple of others.
But in the current team, maybe he is most needed/best suited to midfield when fit.


You think Leahy is worse than Chris Palmer who is literally one of the worst LB’s in the history of football?


Will be needed in midfield I think. Doubt Osbourne will manage 40 + games as he already seems off the pace and it’s only start of October. Of course Chambers will be an option again when fit but think that will be more 20 minutes off the bench to see that one goal lead out role.

This is providing Joe can get back to his previous consistant levels. Given how bad the injury was I think best case scenario for that is next season.


From the Bristol Rovers Forum -

“I thought a draw was probably a fair result, although if one team slightly edged it on the balance of play I thought it was Walsall. Ferrier looked fairly dangerous first half (as I expected) and I was quite thankful he was subbed at half time because I thought he had a goal in him. He showed what can be found in non-league and looks an absolute bargain at £35k. Best player on the pitch for me was their no 3 Leahy who was unlucky to have a goal disallowed. I’d take Ferrier, Leahy and the centre back Guthrie from them in a heartbeat.”



He really was the best player on the pitch Saturday. That’s 2 MOTM performances from him this year. Pretty tough from left back.


But, you, I and this fan must know nothing about football!?


Not surprised …I was following the game on the E&S website and Leahy was mentioned more than anyone else!!! Perhaps he is one of the players we have opened contract talks with…I do hope so.


Hopefully him and Guthrie.


And Devlin. 1. Because he’s had a good season 2. To ■■■■ some people off on here.


I really like Nicky Devlin if only for the massive shift he puts in every time he plays. I do think we could get somebody better though with a little more technical ability.

But I agree, the stick he gets is nonsense. Like Guthrie, I went through all those goals and couldn’t find a single one he was solely at fault for.


Devlin and Leahy have improved this season and I don’t think we can underestimate the influence both have in the dressing room.


I completely agree, they have both improved demonstrably, I just think even so with Devlin there needs to be more from him to be a solid right back that can start every week in a play off push side. I’d like to see a little bit more going forward and stopping the cross a little more than he currently does.


Yeah, there is still loads to do but the progression under Keates is encouraging. Devlin doesn’t strike me as the kind of bloke who would ‘play for a contract’ either.


Great blokes but not good enough to take into Championship territory.


Neither is the rest of the team. Think people have forgotten we were nailed on for relegation before the season. Leahy is not the first man off the ship if we want a Championship team.


There are Player’s who have shown they could make the step up to a certain degree, our full backs could not do that.


Think we’re getting ahead of ourselves, gents!