Two full backs not good enough


… and?


… and what?


He’s been dropped? … How does that strengthen your point? Cooks been dropped. Wooptydoo


I can’t help being right.


Guess you must be right being a scientist


That would be the logical conclusion :slight_smile:


The full backs aren’t good enough. Look at the way the goals are conceded again tonight. Centre halves aren’t great either for me - not saying they’re rubbish but we are desperate for some experience in there. Martin can’t get fit quick enough.


Having seen Kane Wilson against the young lads from Middlesborough Devlin is a much better player. Young Kane will be good but defensively he has a lot to learn. As for this debate I like Leahy and think he is well worth his place.


Kane is absolute bum. Worse than Chris Palmer


Think we’ll be seeing Martin at RB within the next two games. Eventually he’ll shift over to the centre but makes sense to get him in at RB and hopefully his experience will settle down the CBs who seem to be switching off at corners atm.


Harsh on a few performances. But Devlin is much better.


Whey. We lose a couple and this comes around again. Thought it would be all their fault and I’m not disappointed.


It’s hard to blame these players , they give back what we pay out.

What do we expect miracles on the salaries we pay?

It’s the investment that’s the issue not the individuals, they look to be giving their all.


Why are people defending Leahy and Devlin so much? They’re absolutely woeful. Yeah, they might be good lads and put a shift in - no doubt about that. But they are clearly not good enough. Are we forgetting last season? 3 clean sheets all season isn’t it? Or something daft like that. It’s not all their fault, but I just don’t think they add anything defensively. Leahy has a decent left foot, and Devlin likes a run in a straight line.


Because earlier on in this thread I went through, goal by goal, showing why they weren’t at fault for virtually any of the goals we conceded to that point.

They have been absolutely fine this season, there have been much worse performers. Zeli, Cook, Osbourne.


Who’s defending them though ? Yes they aren’t that good agreed , but for what we pay them they do a half decent job.

It would be more sensible to vent your frustration at the Manager for not replacing , rather than continuously slating the player?


I am. And I don’t think Keates could replace them. There were more pressing issues with our squad at the start of the season.


Absolutely - there wasn’t a budget to replace them. Other areas needed the investment.

I know for certain, Keates wanted to move them on.


Funnily enough it was for you. You never responded…


I didn’t want to embarrass or look like I’m trolling.

You can see in a lot of goals that Leahy’s position is a contributing factor. He’s woeful