Two full backs not good enough


Which ones? As I said before, I count 2.

Considering he’s been MOTM against Bristol Rovers and Rochdale I’d say he’s made up for that though.


I don’t have the time to go through every goal tbh. I just know I’ve been pointing out his positional failure more than 2 times. Have a look at last night’s 2nd goal for example. Who gets out jumped?


I did at the time, I’m just telling you what I found out. Obviously, last night’s goal hadn’t happened then but I’ve been impressed with Leahy more often than not.


Divisive as they are, Devlin and Leahy are both playing for a contract this season, so we can at least expect them to give everything they have whilst Keates decides whether or not to keep them (if he hasn’t already).

As a short term concern let’s just hope they stay fit, as Wilson hasn’t looked fantastic at right back and there is next to no cover for Leahy.


He’s young and will improve, I just don’t think he’s anywhere near good enough to play in League 1 right now.


Personally don’t think Devlin and Leahy are as bad as some make out and the fact we’ve been blessed with some top quality full backs under Smith doesn’t help give the best perspective on them


I think it is grossly unfair to slate Leahy and Devlin when they can’t defend themselves.


Very good!


both not up to this level for me sorry and doubt they would be here now if not under contract.just watch them when we arent in possession the positioning of them both is shocking both very narrow and leave acres of space on either side.


Watched them all season. Think they’ve been well up to standard personally.


Agree , unsure why we are singling out the full backs when there is a number of players in the current squad not performing.

Lack of goals would be my concern at present.


They’re the scapegoats this season. It’s ridiculous. Some refuse to change their opinions. It’s much easier to just admit you are wrong (as I was with both of them) and admit they’ve improved drastically this season. They’re not perfect and we could probably get better. But right now they are performing at a level I’m happy with. For me the main issues are the CB’s, Osbourne, and our attacking play!

The main one I hear with Leahy is “HE SHUD AV STOPPED DA CROTH” rather than actually look at the positioning of the two centre backs and the reasons Leahy is isolated in a 1 on 1 in the first place. It’s easier to just blame Leahy.


Amen. 9 times out of 10 he’s got the full back and the winger coming back at him anyway. Should he stop the cross more than he does? Absolutely but you defend as a team. Why are other teams getting into those positions so easily in the first place? Why is it panic stations every time a ball does come into the box? I’ve seen plenty of Premier League level full backs whose best part of their game is going forward. Why? Because they play in an organised defence that allows that.

The evidence for our defensive failures I went into at length. But it’s easier to just lump on two players and blame them for everything.

And also as you say. We’ve got much deeper issues in this squad than the full backs. Hopefully Martin is the answer at centre half but if you asked me who out of our squad I’d like to see replaced it would take a few names before I got to Devlin or Leahy.


Have to agree that the full-backs are the least of our worries at present. Far more concerned with how the quick, threatening counter-attacking style we started the season with has suddenly evaporated.


This thread should be titled ‘whole team good enough, because we’re all Saddlers fans and sod all the rest’


You were saying lads? He’s absolute dog ■■■■■.


Not his best game today. That said, felt Wilson was the poorer of the two fullbacks.


Agree with that


Oh get a life. Just encourage them ffs


:upside_down_face: bit of humility