Tyrese Shade

It appears Shade has left Leicester so available to sign.
I would be happy if we signed him on a 2 year deal with an option for another year

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Not for three years?


To be honest not that fused if he doesnt sign

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I think he could come good next season with the experience he’s gained this year and with Flynn’s guidance.
Would give him a 2 year deal . Might even make a few quid for the club if he comes good and unlocks his potential

I’d sign him. Has potential to improve and has sell on value. Similar to Kane Wilson - he didn’t pull up any trees when he was here, but has just won L2 player of the season.

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His young and could improve
Do not want him starting every game if we are going for a promotion push but as a back up to a new right and left wing back I’d be happy

Reckon the deal he could get offered by most National League teams would leave us in the shade, so he’ll go elsewhere.

They’ll leave us in the shadows financially.

Not that impressed with him overall

I could take it or leave it regarding Shade. But Maybe there is another shadow of Kane Wilson in Shade.

It’s a no brainer, no transfer fee he is already integrated into the club and there’s plenty of potential upside. I think he has improved considerably through the season and if he shows the same levels of improvement again through next season he will be a star at this level.


Thought he was poor for a majority of the season after a bright start at Tranmere away.
Seems that the influence of MW has had a big change since under his control so if he is wanting to join and MW says Yes then okay by me.

poor untill 2 months ago bang average since , surely we should be looking for something bettre

Thought he was OK early on but much better once Flynn got here.
I’d be pleased if we sign him.