U T S contribution

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Wine and biscuits present for our older fans

Massive shoutout. To all involved with the. Up the saddlers website

They have donated £100 to this appeal, So a qty of ten bags will be purchased and filled on there behalf and added to the ones ready to be presented ,

Bags will be presented prior to the Macclesfield game on 14 Th December

On behalf of the committee of the independent saddlers supporters association , we thank all involved at. U T S. For there fantastic donation, , and There input into. This presentation

Have said it many times before, but the fans of our. Beloved club never cease to amaze me , and this gesture. Makes you proud to be a saddler


Thanks DH, always happy help a good cause.



Not really suitable for the elderly

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All jokes aside - well done all involved, great cause

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Look out for me DH,I’ll be the one with the walking frame and the puppy eyes.


Well done

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Hi what will happen if the game gets called off with whats happening at the moment looks like it could

Would just be carried over to next home game mate, But can’t see game being cancelled would just send a youth team. To fulfill fixture in my opinion

Lol will put you one aside Sid,

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well done all involved great to see:clap::clap::clap:

Great work everyone :+1:

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One reason I donate monthly to UTS. It’s going to a good cause.