Unattached players

There as got to be players out there who have not got a club who would do a better job then some of these players

there are a few fancy foot ware here on this list


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Gary hooper


Well the lad i’ve been banging on about isn’t “unattached” anymore, http://www.blythspartans.com/news-roberts-signs-contract/


Sorry, you were talking sense, which of course is just not acceptable at the Bescot. We only want cast off’s, journeymen, no hopers, crocks and ‘one last pay day’ oldies. It’s the Walsall way.

Gary O’Neil on a pay and display ?

Who dictates whether he has put on a display or not and should get paid?!!:wink:

There are lots out there who would do a job better than alot of the current squad. Jarvis one puzzles me, why is he not with a club at all? I think it’s more to do with him raising his profile for other oppourtunities and touting himself round. If he was really that bothered about playing, he’d be at a club somewhere in some capacity! There’s more to it with him and his situation.

Lots of free agents according to Transfer Mkt (filtered to last clubs in Lg 1)

Looks like Edwards John has found a home and made an impression.


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Made for life though isn’t he? Maybe he’s realised playing through the pain ain’t worth it

Problem is as much as he will deny it , he will come at a considerable cost even on a pay as you play deal.

It just makes no business sense for a team at League 1/2 level to take the punt , invest the money in an up and coming youngster instead.

He’s had his time and the games made him a multi millionaire, time for him to hang them up or offer to play for free and prove his fitness.

Still think he could have done a job for us

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Strange what happened with him and i think he’s above the level he’s at now

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Chris Taylor: Bradford City sign winger on a short-term deal https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50043483

Thought about him last week randomly, thinking he hadn’t been snapped up. Solid player.

They must have a decent sized budget consdering the players they have signed this season, some big wages being paid up there.

Mind you they are averaging around the 14K mark.

He’s very much a North west based player looking at his career (bravely ventured down to play for Millwall and that probably scared him for life!). Gary Bowyer also signed him for Blackpool last season so that’s one I wouldn’t be beating up the club over not getting.

The frustration are always the local players released and Walsall seemingly aren’t in.

This Bez Lubala guy who’s scored 6 in 13 for Crawley this season and being linked to clubs in the championship, was at Birmingham until June.