Some excellent points. Ive gone from really liking Keates to just finding him very very annoying. Please Dean no more ‘signings are imminent’ press releases. Youve already said it a million times. Give us all a break please…

People still not keen on Deano??!

Looks like Ferrier is going to be inspired signing.

I think the great stuff we’re saying so far is due to every single player on the pitch knowing their job.

This was feature of Smith’s last two years here.

As much as I defended Whitney complete opposite with him, so many different formations and players not looking like they had a clue on the pitch.

This team feels different. All players giving 100% and also some good quality in the final third in Ismail, Dobson and Ferrier.

I don’t think anyone was ‘not keen on Deano’. Stop trying to cause division when everyone is happy.

I’m also sure people were moaning at the board not Keates.

People were rightly concerned when we had one centre back. If you weren’t then great, well done mystic Meg.


Dan -I was concerned because up until 30 hours before the season started we had a threadbare squad: 1 Centre-back, 1 forward (Baka) with League 1 experience and no cover at right-back. Yes, Deano turned it around with some inspired signings but if you were not worried with a day to go till the start of the season then you must be smiling something! As it’s turned out, we have had a dream start to the season - long may it continue. I’m bl00dy loving it!

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Wish people would stop banging on about experience, our front four have hardly any ‘experience’, yet are out performing teams/players with far more league experience earning massive amounts of money. You don’t need experience to be good, you need talent and the players DK has plucked from nowhere have it in the bucket load. Our two CF’s are proving there is little difference between the leagues at this level, let’s hope we can keep hold of em!


I think my point made here, falls under the category of so far so good.

Still a long way to go though.

Proven to be a complete waste of ability …unless Sky are watching