Underwhelmed at squad building


I’ll be honest,I’m not very impressed with the way the squad building is going so far.Call me naive if you like like,but I was expecting players with experience like Sinclair and James Clarke who are potentially good signings.I’m not expecting to spend any money or anything drastic like that,but it’s hardened pros with Div 1 or 2 experience we need,not trialists released from Cheltenham or young inexperienced strikers from Fulham.



There has to be a mixture. I think it’s really important that the spine of the side is made up of those experienced pros (I’d like to see an established GK in) and then supplemented with untested, young and hungry players. I’d say that we’ve still got a fair few signings to come, so I’m going to wait to see how the balance starts to shape up.



I’m not too underwhelmed just yet. We’ve got a balance so far of experience and youth coming in and I hope that continues

I’m hoping that the ‘trialists’ are just with us for fitness while they’re out of contract as they are local.

The truth is though, our wages and now our lower league isn’t attractive and cast offs from the likes of Cheltenham may be something we have to get used to.

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We are a declining League 2 team with a mid table budget and an owner who has more ambition for The Venue Birmingham and the rent money of the ground than the actual footballing side of things on the pitch and until that is changed then it will be a constant yearly cycle of disappointment.



It’s still June.



How much more disappointment are we expected to take… Like I said the boat needs to be pushed out to give us some encouragement and hope.

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Underwhelmed now? No, too early for negative feelings. But if end of July squad will be similar, it can be seen as reason for concern.

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Underwhelmed in regard to building a mid table league 2 side? No

Underwhelmed in regard to building a promotion side? Yes.

I expect there to be additions though and hopefully they have a successful record at this level. Literally all I’m asking of the club.



Sick of hearing folk bang on about it being early , the players that we have signed so far are not of the quality I was hoping for.

Be it June , July or August.



we have signed 2 experienced pros who have both won promotion from this league with this manager and 2 players who sound like they need to fulfil their potential. Not too concerned at this point. If we sign dross like Mcalinden and the goalkeeper who is training with us then I might become concerned



After all the apologies from the board at the end of the season it seems they are once again hoping our manager can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.



I could understand if DC had got 6 or 7 experienced pros in first,then bulked the rest of the squad out with promising youngsters like Adebayo and James Hardy.

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A fair few regulars supporters like me will sadly turn to floating supporters if we have a poor season I’m afraid. The one hope seems to be that we do have a decent coach at the helm. A very good coach in the Nicholl, Graydon or Money mould is realistically the only way for a club like ours to gain promotion ( with our budget )… history tells us that.



We’ve signed four of the many we need too. Nowt to be worried about yet.

We’ve signed two solid pros, experienced. One young lad from the league below who looks like a rough diamond and same with this Adebayo chap. Anyone who thinks we will be be smashing the top of the league is deluded anyway, last time we went down we went down with players far too good for L2, and weirdly we didnt sell them…

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Why is it delusional to think we should be targeting promotion?



target and expect should be two separate things. The manner in which we went down means that we are having a day zero - I think we should target promotion, that’s the best way to get the fans back.

I expect a new squad (10 new players) to start very slowly and gel around November then realistically finishing 12th.



No team in any league starts any season with the idea that they will fail.It’s all about how many resources they put into it to make the team succeed,and so far,it’s not looking good.As I said,I’m underwhelmed but am prepared to be whelmed…:smiley:



No I expect the club to be targetting promotion. I expect that to be the minimum expectation. Anything less than that is a cop out.

Any team that is relegated from a division it spent 10 plus years in should be expecting to get promoted the following season. No excuses.

12th? ■■■■ me



I’m just hoping that the signings of adebayo & hardy are players DC wants to use as squad players that he can work on and improve… I think there will be another 3 or 4 players he will bring into the squad that will be used for the same reason. Followed by 4 or 5 players with abit of quality and experience to make up the starting 11. I expect to see at least another 8 signings that’s when I will judge if it’s been a decent transfer window



So shouldn’t you be overwhelmed then given we have signed two players you expected us to sign? :smile:

Who else do you expect us to sign?

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