University Challenge

Our very own @cookyskid on University Challenge right now.

C’mon Huddersfield Uni !!

Don’t think Huddersfields buzzers are working atm …

cookyskid is off

Bing bong, da da da da da…

Anyone else hum the theme song when when they see the words University Challenge?

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Manchester, Green
Manchester, Green
Manchester, Green

Worra bastard. :sweat_smile:

Well done though, no disgrace at all. :+1:


Knew some good stuff but let down by his team. Hardly any of them contributed.

Good on you @cookyskid and for mentioning Walsall in your intro.


Come on, I must hurry you.

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Which team lets the most early goals in on a saturday … a starter for 10

That chap on the left side for Huddersfield …isn’t he off Emmerdale …:laughing:

Its not been the same since Bamber Gascoigne presented it.

The boy done good. Shame the team didn’t quite gel, although they’d looked good in training.

Seriously, he did do well. I’m glad Paxo didn’t sneer, he often does at teams that lose by a decent margin. Easy for him he’s got the answers writ down.


It`s the budget, i blame the budget!

Thanks guys - gonna have to be super nice to you all on the political threads now :smile:


Missed it :triumph:

I’ll try to find it on catchup

Well done Cooksy :+1:

Get Paxman off and that terrible reworked theme tune.

Manchester weren’t just knowledgeable, they were quick. Your team couldn’t really get going.

That’s the difference. I know a number of the answers but the incredible speed of the contestants is key.

Too true :crying_cat_face:

yeah it takes me 5 minutes to remember the missus’ name these days :upside_down_face:

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