Update from the Chairman

He has promised to take the padlock off the biscuit tin at the training ground :joy: :wink:

I’m sure it was a desperate day for Leigh only 12 months after purchasing the club. The poor guy was practically begging fans to to dip into their pockets once again - they will but it’s a small fanbase and can only do so much.
We need to explore every option available, local businesses, governments and the massive resources the PL have at their disposal.
I can’t believe some clubs are against supporting the lower league clubs financially…greedy, greedy ba****!


Nothing about the rent, usual waffle and zero facts about Stakeholders. Embarrassing.
Bonser taking £460,000 and directors fees £300,000 and people want to give the club more - madness.


This could be a good idea everyone pays x amount of money to have there name on the shirt for next seasons third kit


Having seen one of my clubs go to wall through no financial fault of its own, todays message brought back many sad memories.

No matter the issues of the past, the landowner, the fan groups, or anything else, this was a plea for help.

I hardly post on here, but have lurked for years. So I understand how deep the anger lies about the past issues. One thing rides above that and it brings us all together and that’s Walsall Fc. Nothing else is important right now, it just needs us more than ever.

My fear is that fans dipping into the pockets will not be enough. It needs a plan to cover the weekly overheads.

The Positive passion I have seen from the Fans since Leigh took over has been fantastic. Let’s do what we can to support the bloke, any other outcome is unbearable. Trust me on that.

Stay positive all and yep, badger the bloody MPs as much as possible.


Have to agree with this, I would of expected their to be money in the pot to ride this out a while longer.

I wonder if the directors have taken a pay cut?

I would suggest that as he stated ALL stakeholders have played their part in helping out, the answer is most likely yes. If not through a pay cut then some other financial way.


So refreshing compared with his predecessor.

And I think there was a nod to the landlord having helped out.

I’d have preferred more than an intimation to be honest. If there has been an outpouring of generosity I don’t really get why we need the secrecy.

I shan’t be asking for refunds . I shall continue buying ifollow passes for as long as the season continues. So that’ll be me in for about £700 in for a season when I probably won’t see a ball kicked in the flesh. Leigh and the club deserve that.

But for me personally, that’ll probably be me done. If there was more than an intimation and I understood the extent of “all stakeholders” helping out then I may have dug a little deeper.


Not good enough, his coyness speaks volumes. He’s nothing more than a rent collector.

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Do you not realise you could easily end up without a club if you allow your hatred of the previous owner to cloud your hopefully sensible judgement


Don’t worry there is a chance there will not be a WFC in 12 months time so you will be happy Bonser won’t be getting his rent paid for a short period of time.


And whose fault will that be? The fans?

Great idea, let’s not help the club out and let it go bust. That’ll teach the tyrant!

This is bigger than Bonser and the rent, this is potentially about saving the club ffs!


Thanks Sadsfan, you’ve saved me from typing something very similar!!!

Sad part of all this is that should the club go to the wall boner as owner of the freehold would be free to sell the ground for redevelopment. Win win situation for Suffolk life.

It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is Cully,fans have a stark choice now,either back the club they love or watch it go down the sink.The fact that the club is paying rent to JB’s pension fund is of no relevance whatsoever.


With respect, it is totally relevant and so be it, Go bust and start again without a huge rent and payments to directors, fans will support that knowing that their money is going to be spent in the right places.

I’ve spent thousands on the club over the years,and I’m assuming you have too Cully,so have all the people on UTS and other WFC forums.The last thing I want is to for the club to start from scratch and take 20-30yrs to get back to looking anything like an EFL team again.


Go bust and spend the next 25 years if we are lucky trying to get back in the football league. No thanks.


And who is going to start this phoenix club, put in the initial capital and do all of the hard work to start a new club?