Urgent Extraordinary Meeting

In response to. Requests received from fanbase.

. Morning graham.

Following on from yesterday’s. Result, We have a large number of fans contacting us asking. To see If the club. Can cal, an extraordinary meeting and address the fans.

Questions coming in. Are along the following. Lines. As listed below

Do you as the slo of the club and a serving board member Not have any comments to make. On what we are witnessing ?

A lot are saying they only see messages of you urging them to support the team or purchase half season tickets. But don’t. Seem to put anything else out there. About what you are doing in your role. And. What are the benefits of having you on the board actually bringing to a very concerned fan base.

Is there any truth in the allegations. That are being publicly aired. By an ex employees wife , of a toxic atmosphere within the club. And also one of people being bullied. Within the. Club ?

What are the clubs intentions to address what appears to be another. Season of missed opportunity. To ensure that next year. , we don’t Again. See us. Just make up the numbers in what is a woeful league ?

Are the board of directors. Prepared to financially assist. The club. In order to be. Attract a playing. squad capable of genuine challenge. Next year. ?

Is there any truth in the rumours that the home serve stand. Is in need of structural. Repairs that will cost the club hundreds of thousands of pounds to repair. This being on top of the annual rent charged for leasing the facility , Surely if it is becoming an age where it is not fully. Fit for function. Or purpose. Then the. Owner should be responsible , For such large scale costs

Maintaining the fabric and structure of any commercial property is common practice of. Many leases. But said. building surely has to be fit to function in first place. ?
Otherwise it would not meet fair rental price. Rules.

If the above is true. Will, the monies it costs to carry out any such. Repairs. be to the detriment of next years. Playing budget. ?

Some of these questions would have been raised. At wpm had it not been cancelled. But as said.
Many fans are contacting us as I’m sure they are other fan groups, and as I’ve said many times. If any fan ask,s us to put a question forward. Via issa it’s our duty to do so.

As said this is sent on the back of fans showing concern for our club. And as a fan yourself I’m sure you will share those concerns. And agree that the clubs loyal fanbase deserve. Answers. At this point in time

Again. We. Wil, be putting this. E mail out to show fans that we have made the. Contact requested By them. To yourself, As we have a duty. To represent them. As requested. And will always do so. As and when requested

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above.

Regards Dave.
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Dave, I am in the process of arranging a meeting for you , myself and the Chairman next week where your questions can be raised.

I will let you know a day and time later.

Graham Whittaker

Supporter Liaison Officer


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Very direct questions - what is definitely needed.

Please keep an update on this log as to how this proceeds.

Good work

My response to slo in relation to the clubs offer of a meeting. Is below

Hi graham

thank you for the swift response.

I will attend any meeting the club and chairman. Set up but in the interest,s of transparency I will Be bringing along a third party. So that everything discussed can be verified. And that way everything is. All above board. , Ie that I have represented fan base in the correct manner and put. all there concerns forward.

Regards Dave

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Definitely Dave - that will avoid any potential ‘downplaying’

I hope you aren’t given a load of mumbo jumbo and dancing around the questions you are asking.

This needs to be direct and to the point from Pomlett. No more BS. They have gotten away with absolute bull for years now and it needs to stop


I think we should create a huge protest banner for the Floors to Go lower. Make it humungous, absolutely massive. I’m sure we have the means of doing this


… freedom of speech banner perhaps?


Love the directness. About time honest, critical questions are asked.


Whatever we chose to put on it.

Response emails from the club go straight to spam! You couldn’t make it up!


I imagine he will say that next year is the year. As for the JF stuff, it will not be discussed in any detail.

Hi @Dhforever

Has ISSA explored the potential of WFC leaving Bescot at the next break in the lease?

Personally I feel, and have done for some time, this is where the efforts should be focused. So I’m just wondering if you as a group have explored it at all?

I think it’s the best option for the long term survival of the club. What we have at the moment is not sustainable.


Nice direct email I hope you get answers to relay to us but I fear it’ll be cloak and dagger as per your persistence is admirable mate.

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Excellent let’s get these bastards over a barrell this time no more excuses or lies

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:joy: Boom! Have that motherfuckers! Love it.

The ultimate question I think is for Pomlett to front up his

Motivation and reasons for purchasing Walsall fc given he has no funds to take us forward.

I’m guessing motivation was being a life long fan and seeing an opportunity to say “I was chairman of my boyhood club”.knowing full well he couldn’t improve us with money as he has none.It’s not much consolation to us lot like but I’m guessing that’s it.

Guaranteed there will be a quick signing before any meeting :joy:

This also needs now to be behind closed doors. If the answers to ISSA aren’t satisfactory (they won’t be) - then it should be a focus meeting in front of everyone.

Traditionally they normally do a focus meetings start of the season, and in Jan/Feb. So I see no reason why one can’t be called in early Feb. Give them the transfer window deadline and then see what the state of affairs is.

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I fully echo your thoughts mate and me Personally think this is the only way. Club can progress

Issa have raised it many times with club Phil. And they have admitted it could be a possibility. But one that they see as highly unlikely happening

Great work mate :clap:t2::clap:t2:

There was a post with a rumour that there was some news due from the club in the next couple of weeks that the fans wouldn’t like.

Is this related to the repairs needed on yhe Homeserve Stand (I.e. it needs to close during repairs) or am I barking up entirely the wrong tree?