Using a VPN with iFollow on a mobile in UK

Has anyone done this that can give some tips to watch the Crawley game tomorrow rather than just get the audio stream?

Had a touch of lurgy for the last week.or so and GP sent me the local hospital for some tests and they’re keeping me in for a couple of nights - meaning I’ll be missing a game for the first time in several seasons. :frowning_face:


@SamsaraSaddler is the man to ask.

Pretty simple, use a VPN, create a foreign account and then buy the match pass. Should work fine. Only issues come when the VPN is blocked, to which you can just keep changing where the VPN is based until you find one that isn’t.

Windscribe works well :wink:

Not a clue but from one saddler to another get well soon :+1:t2:


iptv is another way and cheaper some of them have ifollow every game.

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I know how much you love the saddlers mate, and i know what missing the game means to you, i’m gutted for ya :slightly_frowning_face:


Cheers for all the good wishes. Bit of a downer but I’ll be back for Carlisle!


With you having to miss the game we will end up winning 6-0. In all seriousness, Get well soon.

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Iptv is your way forward, you can it now for 25 quid with all the ifollow stuff on

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There’s a bloke on Walsall Fams Dribble Down Your Chin who is always pimping his IPTV option.

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Hope you get well soon.

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Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Very best wishes for a swift recovery from the lurgy, I too went through a spell recently, so many tests! I was like a pin cushion.

I use Melon VPN (free) on my Android phone for the other way round - i.e. for when watching things on Sky or the BBC. I have to pretend I’m in the UK then.

It also worked for me with iFollow for the Northampton game in August. I was in the UK, with a train ticket to Northampton, but no ticket for the game…

Get well soon!

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Brilliant HK - download Melon, and I’m now in Canada watching the game for fiver. :+1:

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Get well soon Andy.

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Hope it’s worth it.

I purchased an ifollow half season ticket over Christmas
Just tried it for the first time while in the U.K. using a VPN. Working fine so far :+1:

It never works on my laptop for some reason?