UTS Fantasy Premier League

For those seeking to unthrone the majestic dominance of the machine that is Bellendia Walsall, feel free to join the UTS Bombastic N’er do wells …

Code to join this league: 2390664-545081

Joined :+1:

Aladdin’s Deeney all in!

Got a link, Matt?


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I want no part of this megafootball wrist-off. Anything that glorifies the greed league exposes the financial damage done to clubs like Walsall since the elite moved to keep all the money.

It’s about the best thing to come out of it. :nerd_face:

Right on Brother…:grinning:

Joined :+1:t2:

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Twelve upstanding gentleman of honour thus far.

I’m in :slight_smile:

Finishing the first week in 3rd - got a better start than in the prediction league!

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