UTS Friday Teaser #3: Who am I?


It’s the UTS Friday Teaser - no prizes, just the admiration of your peers…

• I was born in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1968 :jersey:
• I played 69 games for Walsall between 1994-1997, including a memorable FA Cup Third Round Tie :trophy:
• I made my first and only international appearance for Northern Ireland in 1995 :earth_africa:
• In 1998 I played in the Champions League against Celtic :shamrock:
• I retired in 2001 following a 100-game spell at St Patrick’s Athletic :ireland:

Who am I?

(DM your answers, winner announced at 5pm)


Trevor Wood??


Superb keeper :clap:t4:


Trevor Wood.
I was there at that Leeds game at Bescot.
Went to the replay. Still hate David Wetherall to this day.


Got top billing on Match of the Day that evening…


I was there as well I can’t remember which wood got man of the match, wood or woodwork :joy:


As long as it wasn’t your wood… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wood was born to play between the sticks…


That is literally the only footage I’ve ever seen of Wood. Shame they didn’t hold on.


He was normally crap, flaptastic and literally gave Northampton a goal in one game.


So pretty standard for walsall…