UTS Statement: Apology to users

UTS would like to apologise unreservedly for recent issues experienced by our users.

We are aware that a combination of modding and technical difficulties has given rise to a wholly unsatisfactory browsing experience for many users and we are working reasonably hard to put this right.

As we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic we are facing significant challenges to deliver the digital experience our visitors barely deserve.

However, rather than look for excuses, we will look to make changes (based on user feedback) to improve the experience across all threads.

This will include, but not be limited, to the following:

  • Fixing current issues with scrolling and advertising placement (please allow 15 to 24 months)
  • Clearing the build-up of boiled piss on both the Covid and Brexit threads
  • Eradicating the running (saddle)sore of plagiarism within our Prediction League
  • Roll-out of our new anti-betting initiative, ‘Gamblers Lumponymous’
  • The external appointment of an independent Site Liaison Operative (SLO) (please contact [email protected])
  • Ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for those monitoring this website on behalf of Walsall Football Club

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience, please bear with us.

If you’d like to find out more about UpTheSaddlers, please follow this link.



Very good :joy:

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I heard he used to be your postman!
Cosy club you have here! :rage:


You, my friend, are a very small minded individual and an embarrassment not only to UTS but to all football forum webmasters.


Disgraceful i heard Rob used to be Bonsers postman we need a vote get the tea and biscuits out!!!


:joy: :joy: :clap: :clap:

Can you put this on hold please, we need a plumber down the Banks’s as a priority and cleaning up those threads will lead to a national shortage for the foreseeable! :smiley:


I don’t know. It’s in danger of flooding out into the rest of Slightly Off Topic.

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Please pass on your concerns and queries to me and I’ll do my best to reply to the ones I can be arsed to. If you don’t get a reply it’s because I can’t be arsed or you’re not important enough.


Please ensure the minutes of any meeting you have are posted on here.

A maximum wait of 9 months from the meeting date should be acceptable.


The minutes of the meeting documenting the move to our new server in May 2018 are just about to undergo final checks. Maybe.

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I think you meant minimum?

Is this the lowest UTS has ever been ?

If anyone has any issues with the way we are ran, go and support One Vale Fan, Molineux Mix or Blue & Amber instead.


The lowest since 1958, when all posts had to be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.


:-1: Dislike button: Ramred, Walsallone, Saddla & Shropsaddler


You forgot to mention the UK wide shortage of IT engineers due to Covid and Brexit, and the fact that you had spent a significant (yet undisclosed) sum on sorting out the drainage in the lower field.
I’m sure you’ll clarify this in your forthcoming YouTube video.


And we’re still waiting for the signing of the 2-3 new mods that was hinted at weeks ago …


I’m still waiting for my UTS branded high viz drawstring bag that I ordered ages ago.

I could have bought one from somewhere else had I known, if I just wanted any old drawstring bag.

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