UTS Weight Loss & Mental Health Thread

Happy New Year everyone.

Has anyone set any goals around their weight and / or mental health that they’d be happy sharing?

I’m aiming to shift 2 stone minimum from where I’m at now.


Hi Rob, I be interested in your approach, it’s something I really need to do

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Decided last week that I want to do the 3 peaks this year (ideally in June or July), for both physical and mental wellbeing reasons.

I’ve started planning and researching… Next step is to buy a robust pair of hiking boots, as I’ve just started daily road walks in totally unsuitable trainers. Luckily, I live in a very hilly area, so lots of inclines for conditioning.

Of course, it would be massively naive to tackle the 24 hour challenge without any prior firsthand experience of the big 3, but also don’t want to get too ahead of myself, so my working plan is to have a crack at Scaffel Pike before the end of March, and take it from there, ideally doing Snowdon not long afterwards.


I’m doing the 3 peaks in 3 days around the start of June. Going with a group I did Pen-Y-Fan with back in January 2020 before all this pandemic started.


Have an entry for the Wales marathon early July- basically Tenby to Pembroke and back. If I get through that, I’ve long wanted to go back to Lyon. Their marathon in early October would be too soon for another, but there’s a half and 10k on the same day. If I manage those, I think I will also have met any other health/weight targets.


Cleaner eating (having one day, or perhaps even just one meal a week that is ‘off-plan’ so to speak), min. 10,000 steps per day (easily achievable given my job, but should be manageable for most people anyway - failing that, people can do 3 x 15 minute walks per day at a high intensity), and 4 x gym sessions a week.

I’ll also start running again soon as this helps. Plenty of free online resources to help anyone build up from doing nothing to running a 5 or 10k.


I’ll probably come up with another mad charity event at some point this year too.

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I am full of good intentions again when I’m back at work tuesday , gym again mondays wednesdays and fridays with perhaps a saturday or sunday as an extra session .

Will begin with Cardio for a month and then back on the weights …

The only problem with this plan is I have around 3 boxes of choclates , 3 bars (large ) of chocolate , a christmas cake etc etc not even mentioning the beer :man_facepalming:

It’s just got to all go before I start …February it is then


I’m going to record more of my activity on Strava, so if there is anyone on there who wants to add me let me know.

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I’ve got to do something about my weight - drinking less and eating less rubbish has to be starting point.


Hoping to make inroads on some of the Wainwrights in the Lake District I haven’t done ( I’ve done about 165 out of the 214). This will take more than one year because some are a bit scattered around so I doubt whether I will get them all done due to practicalities. My son is keen (he’s on about 140 I think). Apart from that as I mentioned on the old thread the one bonus of Covid is that I am much fitter now (all those Hull hills I’ve climbed!) and going out for a walk round here has become a habit.
Am also keen to do another course at Plas Y Brenin mountaineering centre in Snowdonia as I really enjoyed the 15 peaks challenge I did there in August, despite horrendous weather. I am pinning my hopes that a voucher towards this will be my main present for my upcoming 70th. My children have been priming Mrs hullsaddler … I hope!


Me too when I get back home, but it won’t help me lose weight


If I’m on top of one and hear the strains of ‘Going down the wednesbury road…’ then I’ll know who it is (especially if it’s set to some sort of heavy metal riff!)

Edit. I was being dense when @Belphegor posted. He is of course entitled to this next time he’s passing!


Blimey Hull - 165! I’ve done 3 and a half…caught the bus back to Ambleside because my foot was hurting lol

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You were pacing this woman when you were sadly forced to give up then @Cully :grinning:



Great start to the year, one of the older guys at work collapsed at his mail fitting yesterday morning, had a massive stroke and pronounced dead at 10:30am.

Knew him quite well, one of the nicest guys you could meet, not looking forward to going in this morning. Can’t imagine what those working with him on the day will be feeling, I would have been right next to him if I’d gone in to work my day off.

You never know when it’s your time, so enjoy what you have!


An excellent goal for the year. But be wary of Scafell Pike in March. Depending on how winter goes, it could easily still be in full winter conditions then and a serious undertaking. But enjoy your year, it will be great fun.

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Happy new year to you all. Just catching up with this thread. There are some lovely ambitions and plans and they all seem very realistic, which is important.

I’m a pretty healthy eater anyway but have refocused myself since Xmas. I’m back onto vegetables for breakfast, which I really enjoy. Trying to cut out the unnecessary sugary treats…working on it.

I’m also recommitting myself to my daily meditation practice 🧘‍♂️, which I’m pretty good at sticking with, but it had fallen off a little with much going on before Xmas. It makes such a difference when I’m consistent.

I look forward to hearing how you all progress.


From a mental health standpoint I’ve decided to quit my stressful job to do a job I’ll enjoy and I won’t wake up thinking every minute of the day and dream about. Having a child and the extended christmas break made me re-evaluate what is important.

Weight wise, I’ve put on well over two stone due to the factors above last year so hoping to lose it gradually by the summer. Managed to get a group of people to join me which I find always helps when you feel like packing it in.

Hope everyone achieves what they want from this year and don’t beat yourselves up if you have a setback :slight_smile: will be checking in here for motivation too.