UTS Weight Loss & Mental Health Thread

What’s everyone got planned for the rest of the weekend?

Gym and some work for me this afternoon, family time tomorrow!


Watching Mrs Chunk loading the washing machine with all the clobber from hols :grin:


Hi all. I have just received this link from Dementia UK that might prove useful for some who are experiencing this in relation to relatives. As you know I lost my Dad to this cruel disease so anybody who is having to deal with it has my full sympathy. I hope that the link is useful to some.


How is everyone keeping?


Started a diet myself this week.

3 ppl around me have had heart attacks in last week (sadly one died), so it made myself look at my own eating habits.

At 5ft 9 and 13s 8lbs I am not fat but according to the nhs site I am probably obese.

Started buying the Slimming World Free food, they are ok but going to start cooking more rather than ordering in.

Also trying to eat earlier which is obviously best but will also help acid reflux at night due to hiatus hernia.

Finding myself hungry again by 9pm but not giving into snacking, just eating fruit or drinking water.