V Bristol Rovers on iFollow?

Does anyone know whether the FA CUP 1st round games will be on ifollow / alternative platform. Maybe the EFL does not have the rights to show them?

IFollow is league only…

The rights holders are the FA, BBC and BT.

So, no I don’t think it will be on ifollow.

Whether any of the above parties have the wit to provide a club specific solution, I don’t know, we will have to wait and see. Bizarrely no one seems to have thought to let fans know one way or the other.

Kind of Reminds me of when England played in the World Cup in the 80s and the tv would show the 2nd half live or similar, even though there was obviously massive demand to see the whole game.

The home clubs have been told they can stream the game if they wish.

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Colchester United v Marine (3pm) – BBC digital platforms

@P.T is sorted :wink:

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There are 16 live games being broadcast over the weekend on BBC, BT, BBC Sport and the iPlayer. Home clubs are free to stream the remainer.


Youd think the club would say wouldn’t you? If they charged say a tenner, they’d could get some useful income.

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Absolutely. If I can get our game I’ll be going for two screen action.

I fear the most likely outcome is double disappointment. But you never know - magic of the cup and all that.

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Good question, hope the club are planning something, I’m sure they are. I don’t mind paying for it as if we set it up ourselves we should get all of the money.

Gutted everything isn’t normal for this especially, always love FA Cup weekend, my birthday weekend too which is good as we could literally end up playing anyone league one or below on that weekend.

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I suspect, AP, that the club will not announce anything until after the Crawley match. I do see, however, that on the official site’s fixture list, against the Rovers game it says, ‘Register for iFollow’, but when you click on the link…you can’t!

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The club have just confirmed on Twitter.

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That’s made my mind up then - think I’ll give tomorrow a swerve and watch Saturday instead! :+1: