Vale vs Swindon

Darrell Clarke managed to get himself sent off to the stands after trying to stop the ball boy returning the ball too quickly to Swindon, nearly causing a mass fight between the teams . After all the recent stress and trauma he has faced , it might be best for him to take an extended period from the game .


Clarke’s had a real tough time of things and I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s been through but if you’ve decided your ready to come back you can’t react like that.Why he felt the need to run up the touch line miles out of his technical area just to retrieve a ball from a ball boy is beyond me


Come on Swindle!

Not sure if he made contact but looked like he was trying to drop a headbutt on the Swindon player, he looks really agitated tonight

I can’t believe how poor Swindon have been tonight we all had a good look at both of these in the space of 3 weeks and Swindon were much the better of them.

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Swindle blew us away three times. Best team ive seen this season. Can’t believe how crap they’ve been tonight



I got told by a vale season ticket holder the extent of the close bereavement to Clarke. It absolutely shocked me, I wouldn’t wish it in my worst enemy. For him to come back so soon is a huge credit… I wish him all the best although I thought Swindon were the best team in the play offs

Scooby ahead of the game as usual. I’m listening on TS2. Think it’s a few minutes behind

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:joy: sorry Belge better not get my owl out then :wink:

Tbf in the games against us, we gave Swindon acres of space and time on the ball, which they absolutely took full advantage of.

While not being outstanding by any means, Vale tonight have been virtually everything you would expect from a League 2 play off team…organised, disciplined, worked hard, made few if any mistakes, which has been said lots of times before on here that will get you a long long way in League 2

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Who did lose

That’s some stat that is Vale are the only team in the top 4 divisions to not have been awarded a penalty.

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Vale miss their second

2-1 Swindon take the lead

Could be a ban comeing dc way

Vale miss their 3rd.

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Mckirdy misses his penalty

Smug smile :laughing:


3-2 Swindon one penalty each left.