Vice Vice Baby

Anyone know who the Vice Captain is now that Kins has gone? Is it Hussey?

McEntee i think, unless he’s vice to the vice.


Nah, his new position is left back…in the dressing room.

Anyone who’s captain of vice at a football club is going to be very busy.:grin:

Why - do the players do a lot of woodwork? :grin:

That’s metal work type of vice, surely? You need one of these for woodwork…:disguised_face:

I think this would Be a good all rounder Blacksmith’s Vice for a reshod ect

How about we start talking about how we had a cup run before most of us were born, and nearly being crushed to death by a bunch of Scousers, in a foreshadowing of Heysel, being a top laugh in this thread n’all, if we’re really hijacking it like :joy:

Nobody wants your ad-vice.