Vile chants at away games

Bristol Rovers on Saturday:

“Let him die” when an opposing player gets a potentially serious head injury in front of us

Every away game:

“Darrell Clarke is a paedophile / w**ks off dogs” OVER and OVER again

It’s just stupid, ridiculously abusive chanting that makes us look like total idiots to not only the opposition, but our own players and staff. Seriously, if you’re Hayden White or Liam Kinsella or anyone else who may have been friends with Darrell Clarke, what are you going to think? It’s not clever, it’s not funny, it’s just embarrassing.

Yes, it’s a minority, but there’s more people chanting this stuff than you’d think.


Also means you don’t wanna take your kids


I dont find anything wrong with the 'Let him die ’ chant, to me thats just fun banter but tbh I dont chant anymore as the passion has gone.

But I do find the DC chant vile along with what happened with Akinfenwe the weekend.

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If that’s “fun banter” then I just don’t get it :man_shrugging:

What if the guy suffered such a bad head injury that he was paralysed / died? Is it still banter? I understand taking the p*ss when someone’s feigning injury, but not when it’s something that could be really serious.


I bet your a bundle of laughs at a comedy gig.

You cannot go through life worrying about if what’s and maybe’s ffs.

Yes those scenarios would be upsetting but do you honestly think anyone wishes someone to die?

Just cancel me.

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Of course I don’t think they wish for someone to die, I just can’t see what’s “fun” about chanting it.

Am I supposed to laugh? Where’s the funny part?


Pretty much

Its banter, Bit of nothing

Jesus no chilli on his kebab

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it’s banter fueled by a lot of alcohol…there lies the problem!


Perhaps it different generations but that has been sang for years and years at different grounds, sports, everywhere really.

To me it’s just like panto or punch and Judy for the hour and half, nobody really means it and whenever someone is seriously injured or hurt then that sort of singing stops.

Obviously racists chants etc are unacceptable but the tongue in cheek ones are all part of the game for me


Hahahaha this doesn’t smack of someone at the club clouding issues and taking the sting out of growing unrest at all does it :joy:

Always try and make us look bad as soon as any momentum builds, Ramred will be a long soon.


I’m inclined to agree. If you look at the OP’s posting history it mostly consists of complaints about fans.


I can’t even get angry at these playground antics anymore, but I can see them a mile off. I genuinely wonder how many fake accounts these people hold across all platforms and how much time is spent taking the sting out of negative comments as opposed to actually doing something about the issues at root cause.

I really do hope their time of reckoning is finally inbound. We operate like a circus


bore off

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I don’t know why I bother. If you genuinely think I work for the club, then you really are delusional.

And herein lies the problem – a Walsall supporter dares to question why fans are singing vile chants, and gets dismissed out of hand because apparently Walsall fans can do no wrong. Guess what? They can.

I also recognise that Walsall fans are incredibly devoted and spend their hard-earned money travelling to support the team up and down the country, but that doesn’t make them immune to criticism.


Course you don’t. Pages of posts complaining about fans after registering in mid 2020.

All the best turning that business deficit around with Pappa Pomlette! Best stick your gripes in our beloved SLO’s dossier - it will look like the yellow pages before much longer.


I understand your point of view and you are absolutely entitled to it and to air it on here.

I don’t like those songs either. But I get it. A Walsall away day has been reduced to being virtually nothing about the football and any songs that are in any way triumphant about the football are now off the play list. The demograph of fans who travel means that it is now akin to an Inbetweeners schools trip. Lude, crude, boisterous and at times bordering on obnoxious. And depending upon where your lines are, lines being tested and indeed crossed (and the further away from that demograph you are the more likely your lines are crossed).

So whilst I don’t join in and don’t particularly like those songs, I get why. But most importantly for me I think we know Darrell and I reckon he’s alright. If he came out and said it affects him/his family I’d change tack. But I think he channels it in his own inimitable way. If Vale’s winner at our place in April is followed by a Jose-esque celebration down the touch line towards us lot - I won’t begrudge him that at all.


Appreciate your considered reply. :+1:

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It happens. Pissed off fans drink beer and say stupid stuff.

Not condoning it but there’s far more important Walsall FC related issues to get your frillies in a twist over.

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When there is only 50 away fans at Eastbourne he will have naff all to get upset about, will he.


Hope it’s on a Bank Holiday weekend :joy:.

Let him die doesn’t bother me, however I’m with people on the Darrell Clarke one, it’s pointless now anyway.

Guess that’s the behaviour of some away fans though, as mentioned, like when I took my kids away at Sunderland (a 9 year old and 5 year old at the time, both girls), and every 3rd word out of the guy 3 seats down was c u next Tuesday, or at Salford when they were in the ladies toilet and some clown burst in there because he couldn’t be bothered to queue for the gents!