Villa (H) Pre-season


Tuesday 17th July, kick-off 7.45pm



Get ready for the moans…




Genuinely couldn’t care less :joy:… Very much expected.


Give em three quarters of the ground… They were European champions don’t you know. £££££££


Give them the whole ground. This fixture is good for money and that’s about it.




Am I bothered… Let me think about that… NO


It’s obviously only being played for the money - even with a pre-season kickabout where you often get the whole team replaced over the 90 minutes, you wouldn’t expect Keatsy to put a meaningful starting 11 out to see what they can do when we’re playing Ajax just 48 hours later, so what will he learn from it on the football side?

And even with the money, yes there will probably be a biggish turnout of Vile fans but with the games being so close together most Saddlers are going to choose to only go see Ajax. If there was a bit more of a gap (no game the following week yet) then I think more of our lot would do both.

It just seems very strange scheduling when it could have been more beneficial on both fronts to have the games further apart. The nightmare scenario is that he puts his preferred first team out against Villa with just a handful of Saddlers bothering to turn up, then plays the squad players and kids against Ajax (even if they are only bothering with an XI too after playing the Dingles only hours before) when there will be many more watching. That’s would be treating the fans as mugs.


Then again, chance we won’t be playing them at all!



Whoops. All that cash and they can’t pay the bills.


That’s probably why they have been associated with a takeover bid?


Villa at home :sleeping:


Ah friendlies. Always a chance to fill the old coffers up a little in advance of a new season.

I came along to the Albion one last season with a Baggie mate, more an excuse for a beer and a catch up rather than the match. I guess we asked for the Albion kids to come to us rather than the first team (who went for a Burton that night instead) as shortly afterwards arrived Donnellan and Tyler.

Working on the same principle, I wouldn’t mind a couple of Ajax kids on loan, but as for the Villa, they can keep all of theirs. Sounds like they might need them in light of HMRC’s close interest!


i think we would beat them in a friendly anyway


It’s Villa fans giving us money. Never a bad thing and as others have said I’d give them our big end if they thought they could fill at least half of it.

Our support could all fit in the Homeserve.


I’ve heard rumours that the ‘big end’ will be the Homeserve going forward…


One good thing about this is it’ll probably be streamed live on there YouTube channel I’ll give this one a miss and go to the Ajax game instead if that’s the case .


By the sounds of it they might need to keep the ticket money :joy::joy::joy:


looks like we will need to send the academy mini bus to collect them, as they can`t afford the train fare from Aston to Bescot!