Voice on the board for supporters

Contains his email address

Just watched Pomletts video, absolute cringe fest!

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Wasn’t here Bonser’s accountant* ?

Waiting for him to say “it’s a way forward for our scissored club…a stratagem”

Not sure how I feel about this appointment

Have ISSA , The WST etc got any comments on this and do they throw their weight behind this guy

I don’t know him. I only know what I’ve read on here.

On the surface I am sceptical because he doesn’t truly represent “us”

Why not someone from ISSA OR WST

See how he goes


Pomlett has made a video in the hope he could justify, clearly knows the fans would not appreciate the appointment.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to reply to any emails in his new role.


I’m sure he’s a nice bloke but two things;

  1. Any fans representative should be chosen by the fans - not by the organisation that seeks transparency and constructive criticism.

  2. Probably not the best idea him being Bonser’s accountant.

Good idea. Poor decision making.


I note the first thing mentioned in the article i:

“helps deliver the club’s policies within our customer charter…”

Would this be the customer charter that specifies they commit to responding to queries within 14 days? Because I seem to remember some people reckon they’ve been waiting months for answers on some things? :rofl:

Also, all those people that emailed asking about Robs suspension from working party meetings… are you still waiting for a response? :thinking:

What I do know is, I wish we cared as much about a board member as they do about actually filling a squad.

Club Official Announcement, Article in the Express & Star, Video from Leigh Pomlett, video interview with Graham Whittaker himself …

F*** me, can he play upfront/on the wing/left back???


They don’t. That’s the problem.

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It looks like he’s taken on a bigger role


It never stops.
Someone’s been copying and pasting again!!!


I ay ad one. I ad one from im saying eed passed it on.

I’ve seen people promoted for less tbf.

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A representative of the fans
Who wanted him = nobody
What was the process = nobody knows
Did we have a say? = absolutely not

The more that I see of this organisation the more I struggle to see much difference. Rapidly losing any remaining interest I am trying my best to hold on to.


The unelected, unaccountable, handpicked representative of the 4,000+ fanbase at board level. Promoted from his unelected, unaccountable, handpicked position as SLO.


Literally sums the whole club up


Pomlett seems like the kinda guy who has good ideas and intentions but has literally no idea how to implement them


That’s the bloke who was telling people in the Stadium suite that 6/7 staff hadn’t turned up at the Forest Green game ., He had a pint in his hand though :joy::beer: