W 2-1 vs Salford City (H) - League Two - Mon 1st April, 3pm

I was discussing the people you claimed wouldn’t come. If that isn’t you, then exclude yourself :+1:

I agree.

I often wonder if the reason some people have radically different opinions about our players than I have, is because they are watching from behind the goal, and don’t have the benefit of the side view from the back middle of the OAP stand.

Is there a ground anywhere in the world where the directors’ box and VIP area is behind the goal?

Eh BERNIE for once you and I agree on something!! Rejoice!!! Seriously though an elevated position on the half way line is the best place to view the whole game .That is why a lot of clubs have staff members sitting there who can report things to the Manager at HT or through the game. O’Kelly sits in and around the directors box at Walsall. I sit on the back row just to the left of the caging and get a good view…it would help if it was a bit higher but I cannot really expect the Club re build the main stand until we are in the championship at least!!!

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Bayer Leverkusen I believe

Besides, that doesn’t negate my point. At the end of the ground you can see the entire game in front of you. That is why sitting at the ends allows you to better understand a game. (Not that those sitting in the middle don’t understand it, I appreciate different people have their own preferences)

Of course it’s not all win win. Being at the end of a ground means you are further away from the other goal end. So may not see the action there quite as well.

I would add that when people play chess they don’t tend to sit at the side of the board, they sit behind it.

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I see your point though it is true also that if you are behind one goal, it isn’t that easy to see the goalmouth action at the other. I’d also say that there are different things to see - the close up skills and challenges vs the broader strategy for example.

Of course, the worst place to stand is at pitch level, which is where the coaches are!

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As you can on the side :joy:

To see the whole pitch, You have to sit much further back at the side of a stand to see the whole pitch in your view than you do at the end of a stand. That greater distance means you can see with less detail as well as it being the less natural way to view an ‘invasion/territory’ game such as football.

Again not dismissing those who prefer to sit on the side there are advantages to that too.

Actually, I think Andy is right that a view along the pitch allows you to see the shape of the game better than one to the side.


Same stadium, side view :joy::joy::joy:

Total bollocks.

A football pitch can never be square, so my point is always valid. Of course the more a pitch approximates a square (as seems to be the case in your photo) then the less ‘advantage’ there is from being at an end.

Then of course there’s the point of the natural way to watch an ‘invasion/territory’ style game like football is.

That doesn’t support your point. In fact you’ve just pointed out that you’re always going to be quite a distance away from one end of the pitch or the other behind both ends.

Ridiculous conversation, the pitch isn’t a square, it’s the same shape as every other pitch, and you can clearly see the whole thing.

The things one can find to argue over :rofl::rofl:

At least when I’m off topic it’s about the football :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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2:40 Steve, make your way to your allocated seats at 2:40.


I sit/stand in roughly the same area Belph and agree - the view of the action at the away end isn’t great. I’ve sat in the main stand, family stand when my lad was a nipper and the middle/upper a few times. I sit where I do because I’m a working class kid at heart and like the banter in that part of the ground.

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I’m not sure which angle your coming from .?

One where there’s a huge tongue in cheek?

From the Upper whilst on the lookout for Gensanx123 and el_nombre. :grin:

He might find one there, not so sure about the other.


We never had this better angle argument at Fellows Park (behind goal or halfway line)
.undoubtedly the best angle 45 degrees off the Bonk Hilary street end .:joy:bring back the BONK


If your talking about atmosphere watch the darts on sky on now the reception the Manchester crowd gave to Nathan Aspinall a stockpot lad to mr Brightside was unbelievable 11000 singing he’s facing Luke Littler in semi after next game. walk on ,not to be missed even if your not a darts fan.