W 3-0 vs Morecambe (H) - League Two - Tue 20th Feb, 7:45pm

No BBQs then anyway … :joy:

We have a slabbed patio if we want one - and the lawn will need replacing soon anyhow so it wouldn’t be too much of a disaster.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

They have stopped work outside at the moment. We’ve already annoyed them by getting Building Standards involved because of the work they’ve done removing the internal chimney structures throughout the house and not adhering to party wall guidance so we’re not in their good-books any how.


Fair play to you mel58 don’t let them walk over you can’t believe the brass neck some people have these days why didn’t they run it by you give you the heads up of what they where going to do some folk don’t mind doing what they want so good luck to you :crossed_fingers:


Been charged by the FA, I think, betting related stuff.

Thanks. They bought the house next door but one around 10 years ago, which they live in currently, and then the house between us and them around 5 years ago. They rented that one out, poor condition though it was, to a lovely family and have them notice to leave around six months ago.
We knew they had plans to do work next door as their tenants had told us prior to leaving and because they had unsuccessfully applied for planning permission to build an extension on their current house a couple of years ago, something that would have been highly detrimental to their neighbours. What they are doing now is nothing like that scale though, thank goodness.
They had told us, a couple of weeks ago, that they were aware of the boundary fence having been removed, that they would discuss things with us before any work that was is in the vicinity of the boundary went ahead and that they were not doing anything in that regard until the Summer!
Whenever they have work done they always do things the cheap - and on occasions, dangerous to us - way. They can’t be trusted.

Sounds like they are a right pain in the arse.
Best of luck to you in dealing with this. It must be stressful.

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My daughters golden retriever is sick and tired of fetching the ball out the back of the villa net


Thank you, it is

I can’t say they are ‘Neighbours from Hell’ or anything of that degree but they aren’t well liked by anyone around here from what I have gathered. Their general indifference to others and lack of amiability does them no favours.

She has always hated us having a dog, which we have done for around ten years since our, then teenage, Son wanted one.
I understand she is scared of them and/or thinks dogs unclean but she is happy to threaten her children, as we have heard her in several occasions, that she will ‘get the dog to eat them’ if they don’t behave.
Our friends and near-neighbours, who live in the other side of them, told us that, shortly after our Son had died, she had asked them if we would be getting rid of his dog. Empathy not her strong point.
I will only mention in outline that they employed two unskilled men to ‘take down’ a thirty foot tree in their garden which fell through our fence and crushed my Wife’s beloved polytunnel. No apologies, just blamed the workers who had to cough up the cost of replacement from their wages.
Not the easiest to get on with. It all goes past me now as I expect nothing from them but my Wife gets very angry, understandably.


Tree that big you need peemission from
Council to take down round here, and nobody would think of taking it down on the cheap with uninsured labour for exactly their reason you outlined. Their tree, their responsibility.

You must have the patience of a saint mate
I would be in a prison cell by now or being investigated :man_facepalming:


I’m not sure 1 is what most fans would have classed as acceptable. Hopefully 3 against Morecambe in the rearranged game to get us to the heady heights of 4 from 9, which is exactly why we are where we are.

Rearranged game, this midweek.

It’s going to be a tough game with the defence so depleted. Will it be the back three that ended the game yesterday, a back 4, or something else?

I will be very surprised if we win this with 4 centre-backs out injured.

I read that the M6 will be closed between J8 and J6 south bound after 9pm.

A frustrating draw is my prediction.

The Walsall way is, beat Mansfield saturday and lose tuesday to Morecambe …
but after saying that I hope that the players have realised they can play like that every game, and not just up it when we play a promotion pushing side, so a 2 - 0 to us.


It’s easy to say m8, and I wish the same but it is hard to play with that intensity all the time.

Especially with little recovery time and two games a week that we’ve got coming up.

People seem to ignore that priestly got injured through chasing hard.

We certainly wouldn’t be able to play like that every game if everyone gets injured.

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Get what you’re saying Andy but how do other teams manage it then?

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