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On another thread, I was trying to remember the name of a young striker who was promising but had a career-ending injury. (It turned out to be Martin Goldsmith, as someone kindly pointed out). Knowing that I would remember the name if I saw it, I went here

which is a great web page as it has links to each of the players. Apologies if everyone knows about it. But Martin Goldsmith’s name was not there! I was wondering if everyone knew the site and who else is missing.

Just looked at the site…odd that Goldsmith is missing when some players mentioned were on loan and played for a few minutes! I found it very disappointing that we have never had a player whose name began with “x” :grinning: I doubt anyone else is missing from that list although others may come up with some names.

For those that don’t know, WIKI = What I Know Is, and Wikipaedia is a global project of volunteers who have (or think they have) certain knowledge they want to share with the rest of the world. Anyone can contribute either as a subject contributor or maybe helping out with the proof reading, monitoring standards and governance, or simply by donating (it is all funded by public donation).

This means that it can be more wide ranging than other “founts of all knowledge” like traditional encyclopaedias, and can be more quickly changed to keep it up to date and correct, but also means its accuracy and integrity is dependent on the contributors - and sometimes you’ll find someone going rogue and posting a total crock (some time ago I remember looking at the entry on Walsall FC and reading that we had once been known as Walsall White Fang and other similar nuggets - funny but totally made up).

It also means that the depth and breadth of the information it contains is also dependent on the knowledge held by the contributors and their sources. Users can leave comments if they believe anything is missing or inaccurate, in the hope that they are picked up and acted upon, or (if you actually know something) you can even volunteer to become a contributor yourself.

I’d guess that whoever has done the various Walsall FC pages is a Saddlers fan (or a group of fans) with some access to documents on the club’s history rather than some generic contributor cribbing from elsewhere - but absolutely no idea who they are. If they are a UTS regular then would be good if they shouted out.

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Surely we must have had a Player X instead of Triallist 1 at some point?

The footballers on the Wiki site are listed in alphabetical order of surnames rather than first names.
So Xavier Barrau (if he appears) would be under “B”, not “X”.

(EDIT … He’s not there at all !!!) :clown_face:

I’ve obviously got too much time on my hands as I’ve just had a quick think and off the top of my head came up with Doug Devlin, George Dean, Jimmy Dainty and Athuman Chine who don’t appear to feature in the list.
I’m guessing, but on that basis there are probably many others.

Well done…my memory isn’t that good!!

Just thought of Paul Waddington too.

Fortunately I’m going out shortly and will be able to take my mind off it.


There are hundreds of players missing. It is only a list of players who have wikipedia pages, which is heavily weighted towards recent players as the further you go back the less information there is on them. As @AndyWTaylor says, it is reliant on public contribution.

Some notable absences are Stan Bennett, Frank Gregg and Sammy Holmes, who all played over 300 times for us. I think you’d be hard pressed to find much out about many of the players from our pre-war history of which, like I said, there will be hundreds missing.

Ah yes. No Nick Athey either - if it is restricted to players who have Wikipedia pages, then it may be put together by a robot.

I note Ken Armstrong is there, though he never played a game for us. We shelled out £100k to Birmingham under Wheldon for a complete crock.

Yes and no. This particular list is a category which Wikipedia uses as a landing page containing links to several other entries or sub-categories together in logical groups - although the entries themselves may only be stubs or minimal info rather than in-depth pieces. There are other list types that include names or whatever but no links as not even a stub available.

For example, on the main Walsall FC page there is a section containing the names of all the current 1st team players but not everyone of them has their own Wikipedia entry yet (e.g. Tom Leak) so there is no link, and therefore he won’t appear in the category list either despite being named as a Walsall player in the list of Walsall’s 2020-21 squad.

And of course there could be players who played for us that do have entries but whoever set up the category list hasn’t included them in it (as the back linking isn’t automatic).

So yes, this is a list of current and ex Walsall players who have their own entries (or stubs) but some of those missing might still have entries, and even the ones that don’t may be mentioned as Walsall players elsewhere.

Of course if anyone is particularly put out at any obvious omissions then they are free to leave a comment informing the custodian of the page - or even volunteer to help fill in the blanks.

Did’nt see any mention of Jon Whitney under previous managers.

I’ve just had a look to see how many of our 72-73 goalies are there, can only see one missing, Jim Inger.
Also, there is only one Trevor Smith (as nobody ever sang) with no mention of the obscure left winger who played a couple of games, also in 72-73.
Disappointed Jimmy Dainty isn’t there, especially as I made my Fellows Park debut on the same day as he did. :grin:
Tony Obi is there though. But no Steve Round, who scored a cracker in a 3-0 win over Brentford when it was as cold as the proverbial bosom of a witch.
Krystian Bielik gets a mention, but not Stan Bennett. :crazy_face:
There must be loads missing, especially from the olden days. No John Horne, or Mark Bates, who were occasional reserves in the early 80s, and no Terry Spinner, who has had a few mentions on UTS in the last few months.
Gijsbert Bos is on there. Is there a more obscure Saddler to be found on that site? :grinning:

I need to stop, this could become an obsession. :grimacing:

Anyone can add an article to Wikipedia, so you could for example add a page about Stan Bennett, but there are editors who go through and weed out the more obscure players. It would be unlikely that anyone who didn’t make a first team appearance would survive their cull.